Question: How long before vacation should I get lash extensions?

We suggest 2 days to 5 days before that special event or vacation. The curing time for the bonding agent is 48 hours and you will want the freshest possible look for the big day!

Should I get lash extensions for vacation?

There’s no doubt that eyelash extensions dramatically improve your vacation. The benefits are endless, you don’t have to worry about lugging so much makeup, no fear of mascara running down your face while you’re soaking up the sun, and the amount of time you spend getting ready dramatically decreases.

Should I get lash extensions before the beach?

We recommend waiting a full 24-48 hours before going to the beach, especially if you plan to dive in the ocean. It takes about 4-6 hours for bonding agents to completely seal, so it’s important to avoid heavy water contact on your lash extensions during that period.

How long do eyelash extensions last on holiday?

The added tint will give a mascara like effect & there is absolutely no maintenance. The results of a lash lift last for approximately 6 weeks. Whether you go for Eyelash Extensions or a Lash Lift – make sure you feel amazing on holiday and have the most amazing time!

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Can I swim in the ocean with eyelash extensions?

Yes, you can go swimming with eyelash extensions, but keep in mind that both chlorine and saltwater in a swimming pool can affect your expensive lashes and maintain eyelash extensions. … After that period, the adhesive used to apply your eyelash extensions is safe and waterproof enough.

How much do you tip for eyelash extensions?

In short, yes, receiving a tip for eyelash extension services is customary. Usually somewhere between 15-20% of the service cost is typical. Just like with any beauty service – getting your hair and nails done, getting a wax, massage, or facial.

What happens if you get eyelash extensions wet before 24 hours?

The lash glue used to apply your lashes draws moisture from the air slowly over a 24 hour period in order to cure (set). … If you accidentally exposed the lashes to water before you were supposed to – the glue is overloaded with moisture and dries immediately.

Do eyelash extensions ruin your eyelashes?

“Lash extensions alone will not ruin your lashes,” says Richardson. “Damage to the natural lashes is the result of improper application, or the stylist not selecting the correct type of lash for an existing natural lash.