Question: Can you sleep on lifted lashes?

Try not to rub your eyes or touch your lashes too much after your lift, as this can push them out of their picture perfect curl. It’s also good to avoid sleeping on your side or on your face if you can, as this also changes their shape. Brush your lashes daily to keep them looking fluffy and stop them getting tangled.

Can you sleep on your side with a lash lift?

You also can’t sleep on your side, use sleep masks that touch your lashes, or rub your eyes. All will shorten the lifespan of your lash extensions.

How do you sleep after an eyelash lift?

Sleep on your back! Since your lashes are still shape shifting, sleeping on your side or putting pressure on your lashes can leave the them misshaped. Use an oil-free mascara and an oil free makeup remover. After about two to three days following your lash lift treatment, you can wear mascara.

How long after a lash lift Can I sleep on my side?

Be very gentle with your lashes for the first 48 hours. If you’re a side or stomach sleeper, try to sleep on your back the first night since your lashes are still malleable.

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What should I not do after a lash lift?


  1. Be gentle with your lashes; no rubbing.
  2. Do not get your lashes wet for the first 24 hrs.
  3. Do not use harsh products on your eyes/lashes.
  4. Use of Sauna/Steam is possible after 24hrs but may weaken the effect of the lift.
  5. No eye make up for 24 hours.
  6. Avoid waterproof mascara’s.

What happens if I cry after a lash lift?

Lash extensions are water-resistant. It is very important to not cry during the process as crying can spread the glue/vapors causing irritation. Crying during the process will also make it very difficult for the glue to dry and bond the extension to your lashes.

Can you touch your lashes after a lash lift?

Keep them dry: As lash lift involves applying specialized solutions to a delicate area, you should make sure to keep your eyelashes dry for at least 24 to 48 hours after the procedure. No pillow cuddling: Do not let anything touch your eyelashes for at least 48 hours. …