How much do Microblading artists make a year?

Looking at the figures, a microblading artist can earn around $187,200 to $624,000 a year. But of course, the computation doesn’t include other expenses needed in the business, and it’s with the assumption that an artist gets a regular number of customers every working day.

Do Microbladers make good money?

Even starting microbladers can likely pull about $100 per hour depending on the previously mentioned factors. It’s a lot of money for someone just getting started in a field. The work is difficult and precise, so if you’re able to do it, you’re really earning that money.

Is microblading a good career?

Microblading can be a full time job or a way to make some extra cash on the side. It is also a lucrative expansion of an already existing beauty related business. Bottom line, microblading is a skill that allows you to be your own boss and take on as many (or as few) clients as you want.

Where do microblading make the most money?

What are Top 10 Highest Paying Cities for Microblading Jobs

City Annual Salary Hourly Wage
Boston, MA $89,641 $43.10
Santa Monica, CA $88,474 $42.54
Renton, WA $88,186 $42.40
Berkeley, CA $87,805 $42.21
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Is microblading in high demand?

There is a high demand for microblading procedures, and this trend is on the rise. This can be a lucrative business because it is a specialized procedure that requires training and certification. For a person with an entrepreneurial mindset, a microblading business has a lot of potential returns.

Is microblading hard to learn?

At least, now you know that you can learn to be an eyebrow artist, as long as you have your determination, it is not too difficult to get to learn those 90% of microblading brows. … These are their first time with microblading, their first strokes and their first models.

How do Microbladers get paid?

Microbladers can treat 1 client per day (or 20 a month – it’s up to them!) So, that’s $16,000 (USD) in monthly revenue, minus the disposable tools (20 x $25), leaving profits of $15,500 per month before overheads and taxes.

How long does it take to learn microblading?

With patience and professional learning, it will usually take three to four months in full MICROBLADING COURSE completion. It doesn’t matter that if you are a complete beginner or you are familiar with this industry a good teacher can make you a good microblading artist without any doubts.

How much does it cost to start a microblading business?

You should also look at the course outline to make sure you are getting all the training you need from your course. Your money is valuable, make sure you select the best course from the beginning. A microblading course takes about a week to complete and requires an investment of between $4000 and $5000.

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How do I start a microblading career?

How to Start a Career in Microblading: 7 Key Steps to Follow

  1. Finding and Attending Classes. …
  2. Get Official Documentation. …
  3. Look For an Apprenticeship. …
  4. Get a Microblading License. …
  5. Get Equipment. …
  6. Provide Proof You’re Good. …
  7. Apply For a Job.

Can you run a microblading business from home?

Just keep in mind that rejecting too many clients could damage your image. If you’re looking to expand and grow your business, you can dedicate fully to your microblading business from home. You can eventually get training in other permanent makeup techniques and extend the list of services.

How much money is microblading?

Generally, you can expect a microblading session to cost (on average) around $400 to $600. This range is pretty consistent across the United States, and it’s worth mentioning that rates considerably less than this may be indicative of poor quality, so be sure to do your research.

How do I get clients for microblading?

Microblading and Marketing: Tips and Tricks to Booking More Microblading Clients

  1. Take lots of pictures of your clients in different angles. …
  2. Your social media platforms should have beautiful images of eyebrows. …
  3. Don’t be scared to spend on Instagram or Facebook ads. …
  4. Ask your friends or clients to refer you.