Quick Answer: Should a protein treatment be done on dry hair?

Many people think that having hair that’s dry indicates that your locks need more protein. However, dryness alone isn’t a good enough reason to treat your hair with protein. … Only if that doesn’t work, you should give protein treatment a go.

Can you use protein treatment on dry hair?

Our experts agree that protein treatments are safe for all hair types; however, those with dry, damaged, color-treated, extremely porous, or textured hair will benefit the most.

Do you condition hair before protein treatment?

You may find you never need to apply additional protein to your hair, and that’s fine. Anytime you apply an intense protein treatment, you must follow up with a deeply moisturizing conditioner. Rutlin explains, “You cannot have one without the other. This is why you see some people have brittle and damaged hair.

When should you do a protein treatment on your hair?

Protein treatments are effective when done every 4 to 6 weeks. No, applying it more often will not give you more benefits; if anything, it can lead to damage and hair loss. What to do after a protein treatment, I hear you ask. Make sure to properly moisturize as well as add protein support to your tresses.

Can you do a protein treatment on dirty hair?

Yes. I would wash the hair first, then it will open up the cuticles when you do so. This slows the nutrients from the treatment to get in the hair follicle and do what it needs to do.

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Can you do a protein treatment and deep conditioner at the same time?

Protein treatments are meant to restore the health of the hair. … As far as application, use a protein treatment the same way you would a deep conditioner. Just make sure not to use them at the same time and alternate protein treatments with deep conditioners every week.

Which is better protein or keratin treatment?

While they both treatments bring life to dull and lifeless hair, a keratin treatment also enhances the health of your hair as it is a protein-based treatment. … After a keratin treatment, you will notice that in addition to being lustrous, your hair is healthier and has more volume.