Frequent question: Does heat damage relaxed hair?

2. Natural Hair Textures Are More Prone To Heat Damage Than Relaxed Strands. If you wear your hair relaxed, it doesn’t mean that your hair will isn’t prone to the same heat level of heat damage. In fact, relaxed hair tends to be even more fragile because of the chemicals used to “relax” the curls.

Can I use heat on relaxed hair?

Avoid hot tools. The perk of a relaxer is that it makes you less reliant on hot tools to straighten and style hair. Because the process of relaxing hair weakens follicles, you’ll want to avoid using excessive heat as it can easily cause damage.

How do I know if my relaxed hair is heat damaged?

Some signs that your hair has been heat-damaged include:

  1. split ends or ends that easily break off.
  2. white nodules at the end of your hair shaft.
  3. overly dry hair.
  4. rough or stringy hair texture.
  5. difficulty styling your hair or brushing it out.
  6. hair that tangles and knots easily.
  7. hair breakage.

Does flat iron damage relaxed hair?

There’s nothing better than silky smooth flat-ironed relaxed hair. … You shouldn’t apply a flat iron to dirty hair because it can cause future breakage. Try a sulfate free shampoo to prevent your hair from being stripped of its natural oils.

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How damaging is heat on hair?

Exposure to high heat changes the shape of your hair’s keratin strands. Temperatures over 300°F convert the ⍺-keratin to β-keratin, which eventually leads to weaker hair that has lost its elasticity and become more prone to damage.

What happens if you stop relaxing your hair?

No lye relaxers can still harm the scalp if left on long or applied on to the scalp instead of the hair. … Chemicals need to be avoided when there are other underlying problems with your scalp. Many clients who stop relaxing their hair who have flaky scalp, notice less itching and dryness once they stop using relaxers.

Does heat permanently damage hair?

Heat damage is a result of using direct heat to dry or style the hair. Due to high heat and/or applying the direct heat for too long, the hair’s curl pattern can permanently lose integrity, leaving the hair limp and lifeless. In more severe cases, the hair is singed, breaks off, and falls out.

Is it bad to air dry relaxed hair?

Because relaxer damages the hair, it needs to be treated gently and rarely blow dried. Letting hair hang loose while air drying will add waves or curls to it. Developing a regimen of twisting or using rollers will help to keep hair straight and stop further damage.

Is it okay to iron hair once a week?

It’s generally suggested that heat styling be done not more than once a week. Natural hair should always be freshly shampooed, conditioned, and completely dry before heat styling. Straightening dirty hair with a flat iron will only burn oil and dirt, which will lead to more damage.

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What temperature should I flat iron relaxed hair?

“Relaxed and/or color treated fine hair should only be exposed to 200-300 degrees Fahrenheit no more than twice weekly. Relaxed medium to course hair should be flat ironed at 350-395 degrees. When it comes to natural hair, the temperature ranges change.

How can I flat iron my black hair without damaging it?

6 Tips for Straightening Natural Hair without Damage

  1. Don’t Use Heat. This one might seem pretty obvious, but the best way to avoid damage is to not use heat at all. …
  2. Use a Heat Protectant. …
  3. Use Blow Dryer instead of the Flat Iron. …
  4. Use Low Heat. …
  5. Only One Pass. …
  6. Focus on the After Care.