Quick Answer: Are Zala hair extensions real hair?

ZALA clip-in hair extensions are made from 100-percent human Remy hair. Each set is made from 20 inches of soft, silky, salon-professional hair.

Is Zala hair extensions human hair?

Zala Hair Extensions are made from high quality silky, soft & healthy human Remy hair & can be treated just like your own hair. … All ZALA hair extensions are a minimum of 120-300grams & are a full head of hair.

What type of hair is Zala hair extensions?

Zala hair extensions are the best quality tape in hair extensions on the market. Made from 100% human remy hair, Zala tape in extensions are quick and easy to apply, giving you fuller, longer and healthier looking hair.

Where do Zala hair extensions come from?

All ZALA hair is ethically sourced. We source from two main areas – Eastern Europe & Asia. All our hair is purchased from healthy adults who agree to sell their hair in advance to our special buyers, often arranged months in advance.

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Is Zala hair Remy?

Here at ZALA, we always say that our products are 100% human Remy hair. Of course, this is to prove that our hair extensions are of the highest quality, made with care and precision.

How long does Zala hair last?

ZALA tape hair extensions are made from the highest grade of European Remy hair on the market. How long your tape extensions last depend on how you treat and use the product. With correct use & care, they will need re-taping every 6-8 weeks and should last approximately 3-12 months.

How long does Zala hair take to arrive?

Wholesale Inquiries

GROUND priority mail express
ESTIMATED TIMEFRAME 3-5 Business Days (Mon-Fri) 1-2 BUSINESS DAYS (Mon-Fri)

Can you swim with Zala hair extensions?

It is for this reason we don’t recommend swimming TOO often, or if you do, try keep you hair up and out of the water. But for those steamy days where you just need to take a plunge, always remember to rinse your hair in fresh water after swimming.

How bad are hair extensions for your hair?

Because hair extensions are attached to the hair, tugging at your hair and scalp, there will always be a risk of damage due to tension placed on the roots. This tension can lead to traction alopecia, a type of alopecia caused when pressure is constantly put on the roots, damaging the hair follicles.

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What are Zala dollars for?


Redeem your ZALA Dollar for hair products and accessories!

Who owns Zala hair?

Lauren Mcloughlin – Co Founder – ZALA group PTY LTD | LinkedIn.

What does Remy human hair mean?

Remy hair is a hairpiece or wig that is also made of real human hair with the cuticle still intact. So if a product is described as ‘Remy’ you can be assured it is not synthetic. The main difference between Remy hair and human hair wigs is that when Remy hair is collected the cuticle is still intact.

What are permanent hair extensions?

Permanent hair extensions are extensions that are meant to stay in the hair for an extended period of time and in most instances are installed and removed by a salon professional.

How long is 14 in of hair?

If you have a medium height of around 5’3 feet and a normal body proportion, the 14-inch straight hair is supposed to be 2 inches past your shoulder. This is a loved hair length which is not too long or too short.

What are the best hair extensions to have?

What are the best types of hair extensions?

  • Clip-ins are the the fastest and most affordable type of hair extension. …
  • Sew-ins are one of the older types of hair extensions. …
  • Tape-ins are Valles favorite type of hair extension. …
  • Glue-ins are a bit more expensive because of the work involved in application.

Where does Remy human hair come from?

Remy hair comes from a donor who is paid for their natural hair and it is usually cut from a pony tail to preserve the cuticles in the right direction. Again, it is 100 per cent real human hair.

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