Can you cut clip in hair extensions in half?

Is it okay to cut clip-on hair extensions in half? Yes. Clip it in your hair first so you know how it will look, and cut it so it will be level with your hair.

Can I cut the width of my hair extensions?

Yes, just like your Luxy Hair extensions, the Volumizer Weft can be cut or trimmed to any desired length by an experienced hair stylist, since it is made with 100% remy human hair.

Can you wear extensions with a blunt cut?

If your hair cut is a very blunt, heavy cut then thinning out with thinning scissors may be needed. The thinner the ends of your natural hair is, the smoother the hair extensions will blend where your hair finishes. … Make sure you always use quality extensions and have your colour matched.

Should I cut my extensions?

Extension hair will quickly blunt cutting scissors, so our advice is to use a cheaper pair of scissors and replace them regularly. We always suggest cutting all of the extension hair in one go, as opposed to smaller horizontal sections as you would a standard wet cut. Section off the back and split into 3 vertically.

How do you make clip in extensions look natural?

How to Make Your Hair Extensions Look More Natural

  1. Let a Stylist Trim Your Extensions to Match Your Haircut. …
  2. Backcomb Your Hair Before Placing in Hair Extensions. …
  3. Place in Hair Extension, Then Brush Your Hair. …
  4. Place Hair Extensions at an Angle. …
  5. Clip Hair Extensions Closer Together. …
  6. Place Hair Extensions Upside Down for Updos.
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