My visit to KL’s Naturals – Lekki

If you spent any time on this blog, you may already know that I don’t really like going to salons. It’s not that I don’t like other people doing my hair. Don’t let the blog name fool you. My salon experiences haven’t always been the best. I tend to do most of my general hair care myself and leave the heavy lifting (trims, complicated styles, etc.) to the pros.

Lately, my ends have been in pretty bad shape. I dust them from time to time but it hasn’t been enough. They were calling for a professional trim. Here in Lagos, we have many options for natural hair salons. I decided to go with KL’s Naturals because I heard many good things about them. Kemi recently opened a new location in Lekki which is close to where I work.

I went on a weekday afternoon and the salon wasn’t crowded. The space is very open so I doubt it will feel crowded even if all the chairs are full. I like the openness of the space. They started with finger detangling. I still haven’t gotten the hang of it. It takes me eons to do it. I lack the patience to do it most times. There were two people detangling my hair and it went so quickly. It felt like they finished in less than 20 minutes. I was astounded.

After detangling, the stylist took me to the shampoo bowl. She asked when the last time I washed my hair was. Based on my response, she chose the best product for me. My hair was shampooed twice and deep conditioned with steam. The deep conditioner was mixed with oils and honey. The healthy hair practices continued when she used a t-shirt to dry my hair.

After deep conditioning, my hair was blow dried so I could get a proper trim. I was surprised to see how long my hair is now. It’s just around collar bone length. The entire process was very gentle. She took off very little hair. It looked like less than an inch. Fresh ends for the win.

Next, I had my hair twisted. I opted for some flat twists on one side and the rest was two-strand twisted. I liked how it turned out. My major gripe was that the stylist used a lot of product. My hair felt a bit greasy which I didn’t fancy. I tend not to use as much product as it weighs my fine strands down. The entire process took about 3 hours.

Let me get to the koko. How much did I pay for this experience? In total, N9,500. (N500 for detangling, N7,500 for wash, conditioning with steam, and twists, and N1,500 for trimming).

I wasn’t too surprised about the amount. I budgeted about 10k for everything. Natural hair salons tend to be more expensive than other types. However, I believe you’re paying for the training and quality of the stylists. AB over at The Kink and I wrote an excellent post about the cost of natural hair salons.

Every step of the way, my hair was treated well and pampered. There was no pulling and tugging like I experience at other salons. The entire experience was calm and relaxing. No shouting or loud music. Even the lights were a bit dim. All in all, I enjoyed my time at KL’s Naturals and I would be willing to go again the next time I need a trim.

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They also have a branch in Ikoyi.

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