I’m back

Long time, no post. 🙁 I hope you enjoyed the long weekend.

I never intended to stay away from the blog for so long. One week turned to two weeks turned to almost 3 months. 😯

Blogging has always been a hobby for me. I do it because it’s fun and developing content is a way for me to be creative. Recently, it wasn’t always enjoyable and it was getting hard.  I don’t want to feel like I’m struggling to make posts. The results will be underwhelming.

I don’t plan on abandoning this platform anytime soon. However, I cannot promise I won’t take another break. I back with some new content which I hope you will enjoy.

Since I’ve been on my hiatus, I did some things with my hair. I went to a salon to finally get a trim. I’m also trying some new styling techniques. All will be shared soon. 😀