My 3-month Natural Hair Update

It’s been 3 months since I ended my transition to natural hair. It feels like 3 minutes. Here’s what’s going on in the hair department.

My hair

My hair feels fine for the most part. I have some single strand knots and they seem to multiply when my hair is not in twists. I’m not the biggest fan of my hair in twists. My hair is pretty fine so the twists look a bit scanty. I make it work the best that I can.


I’m tempted to try braids again. Although, when I remember what it does to my hairline, I chase that temptation away. I also want to try crochet braids but I fear they may damage my hair too. 🙁 I’ve been working to streamline my regimen as much as possible without compromising crucial steps. Last wash day was more like a few hours. I was really surprised. Contrary to popular belief, I don’t like spending so much time on my hair. I read about someone who washes and styles her hair in 45 minutes! She has a full head of hair too. 😯

2017 goals

My goals for the year are to learn more styles and retain length. These goals seem to contradict each other. Excess styling leads to over manipulation which can compromise the health of my hair. My plan to deal with this issue is to use low manipulation styles (with twists) for 2 weeks and leave my hair in an out style for one. That way I can practice styling and still give my hair a break. If I have to prioritize my goals, the length retention comes first.

Length check?

I don’t have plans for a length check this time around. Focus on healthy hair and the length should come. I do plan to trim my hair next week so that will affect my length a bit.
To properly document my goals. I will do checks six months or so.  I haven’t decided how my hair will be styled. My early pics have my hair in a braid out so I may try that.

Goals for the 6-month update

  • have a professional trim
  • keep protective styling
  • learn a new hairstyle (maybe something with perm rods or a wash and go)
  • deep condition at least 2x a month (I’ve been slacking a bit)