Is long hair important to me?

The short answer is no.

My Natural Texture - Close Up Nov. 2016

Right now, my hair is the shortest it’s been in almost a decade (around neck length). This has given me time to reflect on what long hair really means to me. When I started taking better care of my hair, I was chasing that BSL dream. I came pretty close a few times but I always had to trim my ends. My hair wasn’t looking the way I imagined it to be.

These days I’m not so focused on hitting a length target. The last time I did a length check was Dec 2015. I do have length goals (reach BSL with stretched hair). I think it will take a few years. I’m more accepting of what it looks like. Each day, I’m learning to accept what grows out of my scalp. Most of the time, I like what I see.

I think focusing on hair health will help me reach my length goals. Let’s keep in mind that genes also play a role. My mom has pretty full hair and growing up she kept it long. She can grow hair pretty fast too. Unfortunately, I have hair like my dad. His hair is pretty fine and he isn’t too hairy. So, I got fine hair that isn’t too dense and it’s pretty porous. Knowing theses details helps me tailor my regimen.

As I go along this journey, I’ll keep sharing what I’ve done and what I’ve learned. These lessons may help another person.

Is having long hair important to you?