My Alopecia – One Year Update

Last year, I was dealing with some troubling alopecia. I had a huge bald patch at the front of my hair. After seeing a few specialists, I came up with a plan to tackle it head on. While I didn’t keep up with every part of the plan, my hair grew back. 😀

When this happened, I didn’t want to share it on the blog. I was a little ashamed. Here I am writing about how I keep my healthy hair and I was going through this situation. It was falling out like mad. Not every aspect of a journey is going to be rosy. Looking back, I’m glad that I shared it with you. Hopefully, someone found it helpful. I started this blog to share my journey and possibly help someone. 🙂

The patch is fully covered with hair now. I even retained a bit of length in that area. Now, I can put this behind me and hold on to the lessons that brought me here.

Are you experiencing hair loss? How did you handle it?

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