Hair Musings #9

Happy New Year! I hope you enjoyed your new year celebrations and are having a good start to the year.

It’s been a while since I posted anything about my hair. 😯 Lately, I’ve been less than motivated to blog about anything. Do you have any hair-related goals or resolutions for the new year? I didn’t really think about hair resolutions too much. The major things I want to do are retain length and learn more hairstyles. I haven’t been doing too much to my hair. Single strand knots are EVIL so I just twist my hair. Leaving it in twists reduces the knots. If I leave my hair out, there will be more knots and I will end up cutting them out. That won’t be too good for my length retention goals.

I’ve also been thinking of ways to blog and create content especially when I don’t feel like it. I’ve been able to work through other things in my life when I lacked motivation. Usually, there was some sort of achievement or milestone to reach. External deadlines help me too. I’m still tossing it about in my head. Quality content and consistency are very important for blogging. I noticed an improvement in my analytics during the months I’m more consistent. It’s been difficult to keep up the motivation. Sometimes I wonder if I still like blogging like I did when I started. I have a tendency to get bored with things easily. Maybe I need to do something fresh or different to keep my motivation up. Focus on my YouTube channel, perhaps?

On a lighter note, I’ve been watching some (new to me) television series. I finished Prison Break not too long ago. Whoever said it was better than 24 lied! It was a decent series and apparently it’s coming back this year. Now, I’m in the middle of Gilmore Girls which is okay. I’m having some issues with a few of the characters’ behavior. They also had a revival last year. Why do networks and studios bring back old shows and movies? I think they want something that already has a built-in audience rather than something new that may not click with audiences. What shows have you been watching?

How are things on your end?

Happy New Year!