Book Review – When Good Hair Goes Bad by Curly Nikki

Last year, Curly Nikki teamed up with Dark and Lovely/SoftSheen Carson to release her second book, ‘When Good Hair Goes Bad’. It is still available for download on the Soft-Sheen Carson website.

Book Length

7 chapters, 157 pages


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My Take

The book is targeted to people looking for tips to get out of some difficult hair situations. Some of the chapter titles include: ‘When good hair goes color’ and ‘When good hair goes fried’. I found the book very easy to read. The language is simple and quick to get through. She provides several personal anecdotes which make it relatable.

I appreciated that she included other factors that affect hair health and growth like climate, nutrition, and personal health. Each of them has a significant role in a hair journey. The climate section focused on regions with four seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter). I would like to see a book that focuses on weather from other regions like what we have in Nigeria. When discussing products, she focused more on ingredients and less on actual product recommendations. The only recommended products were from the mini advertisement section from Dark and Lovely.

She also included a chapter about dealing with children’s hair. This chapter gave many handy tips on child hair care including how to deal with your child’s hair after swimming, difficult tantrums, and styling techniques.
She did make some statements that came across as hard and fast rules but the rules may not apply to everyone. For example, she mentioned using a flat iron at 350°F (~177°C) maximum. I know that many people (including myself) can use higher temperatures without damage.

Overall, I found this book as a decent starting point for someone who has been on a hair journey but may have issues with her hair. It saves a bit of the headache of countless searches online.

Have you read any books by Curly Nikki?

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