My Insightful Photography Training with Gabriel Olude

Photography is an important communication tool, especially in blogging. When I heard that The Bloggers Advocate was giving away a photography course, I had to throw my hat in the ring. I got my camera last year and I really wanted to understand how to use it. Learning about photography on my own was proving a bit difficult.

Mr. Gabriel Olude is a renowned photographer with several international accolades. He has been taught by some of the best  and he shared his expertise with us. You can read more about him here.

His teaching methods focus more on the practical side of things. We started taking photos from day 1 after learning the basic guidelines. My classmate, Jennifer of Hairffiliation, mentioned that some photography courses don’t allow you to touch a camera for weeks.

Each day, he encouraged us to bring out our creativity.  We had to post our photos as part of the course and we got so many lovely comments. I hope I didn’t disturb your timelines too much. 😉 Mr. Olude even said that we have the tools to teach others now. Lessons, anyone? 😀 He gave us so many resources. I doubt I will be able to go through all of them soon.



Apart from cropping, none of the photos were edited. We learned how to set our cameras to get the best images. Pretty cool, right? One key lesson – Don’t let the camera make decisions for you. (Leave the automatic mode.)

This course gave me the skills to take beautiful images that I enjoy. I find that I really enjoyed taking shots of nature. A lizard escaped my lens, though. 🙂 I have all the tools. Now, it’s about doing the work. I’m considering starting a Tumblr to post some of my photos. I want to start taking pictures around my neighborhood and things that I see daily.

I’m really glad that I had the time to take this course. I appreciate the time and work that went into this. Thanks, Mr. Olude and The Bloggers Advocate team.

Who are your favorite photographers?

Featured Image Source: The Bloggers Advocate Instagram