Introducing ‘The Natural Style Files’

One of my major struggles challenges on my healthy hair journey is how to style my hair. I attempt many things. Once I find something I can do, I usually stick to it. *cough* roller sets *cough* Since my transition, I’ve had a pretty tough time figuring out which styles will work best for me. What’s the best way to find out what works?? Experiments! The Natural Style Files is series where I will try out different styles and see how I can make them work for me. For this post, I have two styles that I tried recently: a twist and curl updo and two strand twists.

Twist and Curl Updo

I saw this style on a YouTube video from Tommie (Hair De La Creme). It looked really nice on her so I decided to try it for NNHB2016.

I did the style on moisturized stretched hair. For my styling product, I used the Natural Nigerian Twist and Curl Pudding. The style was okay at first but then Lagos humidity took over. My hair was really frizzy and there was little to no definition by the time I got to the venue. I also tied my hair a bit too tight. No bueno. I had an up close picture on my phone but it’s refusing to charge. 🙁

Curly Updo NNHB2016 | Don't Touch the Hair

Two Strand Twists


A few days after I did the updo, I decided to twist my hair. I used my Cantu Creamy Hair Lotion while I put them in. The twists were pretty easy to do and I was able to get a bit of a rope pattern. My hair also stayed moisturized and I didn’t notice any new single strand knots. 😀 Some of the twists started to unravel after a few days. It also started to frizz. Some of the perks of porous hair. 🙁 Overall, I liked having the twists in. They kept my hair protected and I didn’t touch my hair too much.


I plan to revisit the flat twist-out next time.

What’s your go-to hairstyle?