Made in Naija: Ewami Essentials Hair Care – Product Review

Ewami Essentials is a skin and hair care brand based out of Ibadan.  Previously, I reviewed one of their skincare products, the cleansing honey. This review focuses on two of their hair care products: the detangling mist and the coconut oil.

Ewami Essentials Hair Detangling Mist

Ewami Essentials Detangling Mist

Price: NGN 3,360

Size: 8 ounces

Availability: It is available on the Ewami Essentials website. You can also visit their store in Ibadan. The address is 31, Oshuntokun Avenue, Old Bodija.

Product Description:

Ewami Essentials Detangling Mist Ingredients

Softens & Strengthens

Benefits: Hair mist that restores hairs’ pH to normal, softens hair, and prevents frizz.

How to Use: Spray and work into tangled or tough hair for easy combing and extra strength

Ingredients: Deionized water, Vegetable glycerin, Ricinus communi (Castor oil), butyrospermum parkii (Shea butter), Chamomile, Essential Oil Blend

Natural Ingredients may vary in color and consistency

Shake well before use, some ingredients may settle

Fragrance: The mist has a pretty strong fragrance. It can be a bit overwhelming. I suspect most of the fragrance comes from the essential oil blend.

Texture and Color: It is a bi-phase (two-layer) liquid mixture. This is to be expected because oils and water do not mix. You need to mix it well before use. It is a clear liquid when it is mixed. The liquid has an oily slippery feel.

Packaging: The mist comes in a brown spray bottle. The mist comes out pretty fine. I noticed that after each spray, a little extra liquid comes out of the nozzle. This may be unique to my package.

Uses: I primarily used this product to help detangle my hair before shampooing. The slippery texture makes it very good at getting the tangles out. I also use it as a pre-shampoo since it has shea butter and castor oil.

Ewami Essentials Detangling Mist Directions

My Take:

I’ve used detanglers before but they usually contained silicones for extra slip.  This detangler uses natural oils for slip and it works quite well. It feels quite greasy. I manage this feeling by using it before I shampoo. The label mentions that it can be used to strengthen hair. The only ingredient that may do this is chamomile. My hair didn’t feel hard or stronger after using it.

The fragrance it a bit too strong for my liking. Since I normally wash it out after use, I don’t have to worry too much about that. I think this is a good natural detangler.

Ewami Essentials Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Ewami Essentials Detangling Coconut Oil

Price: NGN 2,000

Size: 4 ounces

Availability: It is also available on the Ewami Essentials website. You can also visit their store in Ibadan. (31, Oshuntokun Avenue, Old Bodija.)

Product Description:

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil – 100% Virgin Coconut Oil

Benefits: Natural SPF up to 10. Excellent on skin and hair

Natural Ingredients may vary in color and consistency

Fragrance: The oil smells like fresh coconuts. With some coconut oils, you may notice a slightly off or rancid scent. There is none of that with this oil.

Texture and Color: The oil is clear. Since the weather has been HOT, the oil stays melted.

Packaging: The oil comes in a pump bottle. The bottle is brown with a yellow label like the other Ewami Essential products.

Uses: Coconut oil can be used for so many things like a pre-shampoo treatment, boosting your deep conditioners, sealing after moisturizing, etc. I primarily use it in my sealing oil mix and on my skin after I have a bath. You can also use it for cooking and ayurvedic oil pulling.

Ewami Essentials Detangling Coconut Oil Benefits

My Take:

There was a time when I was an oil collector. Coconut, castor, olive, etc. I had all of them. Coconut oil was up there as one of my faves. Lately, I’ve been working through my stash. When my coconut oil finished, I didn’t bother replacing it because I had many other oils to finish. In terms of quality, this coconut oil is very good. It smells fresh and works like it’s supposed to. My only issue is the price point. NGN 2,000 seems a bit high for just 4 ounces (~118 ml). Otherwise, it’s a good product.

Have you tried any products from Ewami Essentials?