5 Impactful Quotes from NNHB 2016

The Nigerian Natural Hair and Beauty Show is an expo dedicated to healthy hair care, beauty, and lifestyle. I enjoy going to events like this. I usually learn something new. As we know, no knowledge is wasted. I’m also inspired by the speakers. At the Nigerian Natural Hair and Beauty show, each speaker imparted some wisdom to the participants. Here are 5 impactful quotes from NNHB2016.

Gaelle Prudencio speaking at NNHB 2016

“Talking about body positivity … It’s not just about using a hashtag on the internet. It’s about what you do every day.” Gaëlle Prudencio

“I encourage people to find beauty outside of themselves. Find beauty in spaces that have nothing to do with you.” – Yagazie Emezi

Efik Zara at NNHB 2016

“There should be nothing stopping you. You may not have the best camera in the world. You may not have the best editing software in the world. but at the end of the day if you can make beautiful content with your phone and a small tripod, just do it. Like I always tell people, just start.” – Efik Zara

“With color, start small. If you have never had color, don’t go straight to blond. Take baby steps.” – Ijeoma Eboh (Klassy Kinks)

“A lot of times the hair will grow faster on one side than the other. Usually, the side that grows the fastest is the side you sleep on … The reason why is because when you are sleeping on that side, the blood flow is coming to that side.” – Felicia Leatherwood


I never knew this about hair growth. Do you agree with this theory? The hair on the left side of my head feels fuller and thicker than the right side. This may be a reason why. Is one side of your hair fuller than the other?

Which speaker(s) impacted you at NNHB2016?