Made for Naija: Savvy & Chic 4-Step Comb System – Product Review

Savvy & Chic 4-Step Comb System - Don't Touch the HairDabs of Naija Hair Can Grow is constantly thinking of ways to help Nigerian women grow the healthiest hair possible. Her blog was one of the first Nigerian healthy hair blogs that I read regularly. She started her salon to help women reach her healthy hair goals. She also makes and sells various products ranging from shea butter cups and silk bonnets. Recently, she introduced a new comb system. When I first heard about the Savvy & Chic Comb System, I was really looking forward to trying them out. The full set of combs includes the Edge Slick & Tame Coil Comb, the Smooth and Glide Bristle Brush, the Tangle Ease Detangler Comb, and the Ultimate Grow Scalp Massager. Each tool can also be purchased individually.

Edge Slick & Tame Coil Comb

Savvy & Chic Edge Slick & Tame Coil Comb - Don't Touch the Hair

Product Description:

Never have rough edges again!! Use this comb to create smooth edges along the hair line and precise coils on natural and dread loced hair.

Uses: The comb has two sides: the actual comb which has teeth on both sides and a tail that can be used for parting your hair.  It’s perfect for doing comb coils or starting locs with comb coils. Also, you can use it instead of a toothbrush for laying your edges down.

Savvy & Chic Edge Slick & Tame Coil Comb - Don't Touch the Hair

My Take: If you see me on these streets, I usually don’t slick my edges down. Mainly because edge controls and gels don’t keep them smooth for long. However, I had to try this comb since I have never seen anything like it. I like the sturdiness of this tool and it helps smooth my hair. I find using combs are a bit less stressful on my hair than brushes. It does get my edges smooth without too much manipulation.


Smooth and Glide Bristle Brush

Savvy & Chic Smooth and Glide Bristle Brush - Don't Touch the Hair

Product Description:

Gently smooths out stray hairs and eliminates frizz without causing hair breakage.

Uses: The brush can be used smooth your hair in a bun or any updo.

My Take: The brush works pretty well to smooth my hair. The bristles are stiffer than I’m accustomed to. It’s pretty small so you can easily carry it with you. That’s useful in case your hair gets out of place while you’re out and about.


Tangle Ease Detangler Comb

Savvy & Chic Tangle Ease Detangler Comb - Don't Touch the Hair

Product Description:

Our anti static comb with firm grip guard gently detangles knots and prevents hair breakage.

Uses: The wide-tooth comb can be used for detangling, separating curls, distributing product throughout the hair, etc.

My Take: This is one of my favorite parts of the system. The teeth of the comb are seamless. I looked pretty hard for any seams and only found them on the top and bottom of the comb. Most plastic combs are made with a mold. When the plastic is put into the mold a raised ridge is formed. This ridge is known as a seam. The seams can be sharp and rough. It may catch on your hair and cause breakage. Try looking for seams on your comb. Seamless combs are designed and manufactured to remove these ridges so they don’t have an opportunity to snag on your hair.

Savvy & Chic Tangle Ease Detangler Comb - Don't Touch the Hair

No seams here

Savvy & Chic Tangle Ease Detangler Comb - Don't Touch the Hair

Can you see the slight ridge at the bottom of each tooth?

I purchased a seamless comb last year and I find the teeth a bit wide. It doesn’t adequately detangle my hair if I use it alone. When I use this comb, my hair detangles much better. The Tangle Ease comb is a welcome addition and it is more economical than other seamless combs.


Ultimate Grow Scalp Massager

Savvy & Chic Ultimate Grow Scalp Massager - Don't Touch the Hair
Product Description:

For optimum blood circulation to the scalp and hair follicles, this scalp massager will promote quick hair growth.

Uses: Scalp massages are excellent for relaxing and encouraging increased blood flow to the scalp. You can also use this as a shampoo brush to help lift and scalp build-up. A clean and healthy scalp is essential for optimal hair growth.

My Take: I found the bristles of the massage brush a bit too hard when I massaged my scalp with it. I would have enjoyed it more if the bristles were a bit more flexible. Berry gave a great tip about using the brush so my scalp won’t be irritated. When I tried it, it was so much more gentle on my head. 😀


Availability: The comb system is available at the Savvy & Chic salon (30 Norman Williams Street Ikoyi, Lagos; Phone: 0809 061 3325 ) You can also purchase them online via the Savvy & Chic Hair Beauty Hub website (see links above) and Girly Essentials. I believe more vendors will have them soon.

Savvy & Chic 4-Step Comb System with Packaging - Don't Touch the Hair

Packaging: Each comb/tool comes with a cardboard sleeve which showcases the particular tool. The sleeve also comes with an instructional pictorial. The packaging is very bright and colorful which is nice. Also, each tool is made of very durable plastic. It is likely very difficult to break any of them easily.
Savvy & Chic Comb System Sample Instructions - Don't Touch the Hair
Overall, my favorite products are the edge comb and the detangler comb. This is a good system to get if you are looking for quality tools for your hair journey.

Have you tried the Savvy and Chic 4-Step Comb System?