A Weekend of Lessons

Typically, I’m not one who shares my weekend gist. I’ll leave that for the pros like Berry, Cassie, Deola, and Tuke. 🙂 However, the past few days was chock-full of info and inspiration which I would like to share.

On Friday, I went to the Beauty Africa conference and exhibition which showcases to leaders in beauty across the continent. On Saturday and Sunday, I was at the She Leads Africa She Hive Lagos event. SheHive is a boot camp where we got a crash course on various business practices and techniques. We also got to hear inspirational career stories. Both events had excellent opportunities to meet new people. I was able to hear from so many people doing excellent work in their respective fields, ranging from beauty to digital marketing to cement. 🙂

Even though I’m not planning to be an entrepreneur, there were lessons and tips to learn from everyone. Here are a few ‘major keys’ that I got from this weekend.


Consistency and reliability are crucial for success.

When you are a reliable business, customers can depend on you. If they can depend on you, they will trust you and keep coming back.

True balance does not exist. Find ways and systems that work for you.




a situation in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions.

Can we ever really find balance in our lives? By this definition, it’s probably not possible. We may not be able to give equal attention to everything in our lives all the time. However, we can prioritize and look at the larger picture. Then, we can get closer to the ‘balanced’ life.

Choosing a spouse is the most important decision you will make in business.

If your partner is not supportive of your goals and dreams, it can be crushing. Having support will encourage you to do your best. I don’t talk about my personal life too much. But, I am really grateful that I married my husband. You know that life can be difficult sometimes. You face traffic, issues at work, family issues, etc. It’s nice to have peace and support at home. Imagine if you are working towards your business and career goals and you don’t have support at home. It’s possible that you can achieve your goals but it can be that much harder without support.

Be innovative and stay ahead of the trends.

Think about ways you can solve issues. Constantly dream about where you want to be. You may think that you cannot be innovative. “I don’t have an innovative bone in my body.” Think about one thing that is missing and how you would solve it. Innovation doesn’t necessarily have to be huge. It can be impactful to just your immediate surroundings.

Have your fears but do the work anyway.

We all have fears. I know that I have plenty. Sometimes, they hinder growth. We need to push past them and see what we are capable of. This is something I need to keep hearing.

There was so much more but if I keep writing, this will become a book. 😀 I also got to meet old friends (and former students) and make new ones. Many of them have their own businesses. Check them out. If you like them, tell them I sent you.

SheHive Lagos - Don't Touch the Hair

What lessons have you learned lately?

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