4 Things That Get Me Excited about My Natural Hair

My transitioning days are coming to an end. 🙂 Dealing with the two textures hasn’t been easy. There are many things I’me looking forward to once I cut my hair. Here are a few. 

Fuller looking hair

My hair has a fine to medium texture and it’s not very full. It has always been like that. When I straighten my hair (especially with a flat iron) it looks pretty thin. Natural hair, with its bumps and bends, tends to look fuller than straight hair. I’m really excited to see how full it will look once I get rid of the relaxed ends.

Stronger hair

As I mentioned, my hair is fine. Fine hair tends to be the weakest of the of the bunch. The relaxer process breaks some of the sulfate bonds in the hair and makes it a bit weaker. I remember when I was natural before I could braid my hair and it would usually recover. Since I started relaxing again, anytime I do braids my hair tends to fall out and break. The last set of braids I had were done so neatly and it wasn’t tight at all. My hair still ended up breaking a bit because it was too long. I normally don’t do any type of braided style. It may be nice to try it again.

Braid Install Jun 24 2014

My last set of braids (June 2014)

Trying new hair styles

I’m really excited to try some the cute hairstyles I see on Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest. Braids may make a comeback and I may even try crochet braids. I also want to try styles with my natural. Maybe I can finally achieve a wash-n-go. 😀


Embarking on a new journey

I tend to get bored easily. You may have noticed the lack of wash day posts because it was getting quite repetitive. I’m looking forward to starting this new journey with my hair. Each experience will feel new and fresh. I may finally be able to reach some hair goals that eluded me when I was relaxed.

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows. I have to realistic with what may happen to my hair when it is fully natural. In order to be balanced, here are some things I’m looking to avoid in my natural journey. 

Short hair

I’m not looking forward to having short hair. Shrinkage is good because it shows that your hair has good elasticity. It’s not too fun to have pretty short hair. I know my hair won’t be as short as when I first went natural. However, it will still be above shoulder length. My hair hasn’t been that short in a very long time.

Single Strand Knots (SSKs)

I don’t like knots at ALL. I’ve already noticed some around my hairline. When I see them, I usually cut them out. This isn’t good for length retention. I’ve been furiously looking for solutions and preventative measures.

Kermit Typing from Giphy

Me, furiously looking for solutions.


In relation to SSKs, I want to avoid tangles at all costs. I know myself. I don’t have the best patience when it comes to tangled hair. It will better if I prevent them in the first place. Any tips?

If you’re natural or planning to be, what did (do) you look forward to?

Image Sources: Pinterest, Giphy

Featured Image: CreateHer Stock