Transitioning Files: 17 Months Post Relaxer


Only one month left!!! I’m nearing the end of this transitioning journey. 😥 It’s gone pretty well overall.

My Natural Texture

I’m really enjoying my natural texture. It makes my hair look really full. My hair is pretty fine and not too dense. The kinks, coils, and curls add volume. Normally, I don’t like really voluminous hair for me. I’m glad I’m learning to appreciate it more.


My ‘Big Chop’

The next update will be my big chop. 😀 I’m pretty excited about it. My transition has been going pretty well but I’m looking forward to seeing what my hair will look like. I’m debating on whether to do the cut at home or go to a salon. When I went natural the first time, I went to a stylist to cut my hair. Since I had some troubles with my first foray to natural hair, I want things to be different this time. If you have natural hair, did you big chop at home or at a salon?


Flat Twist Out Final Results

I’ve been trying some new hairstyles lately. If you saw my last post, I tried my luck with a flat twist-out. Perm rods and curlformers are also part of my styling arsenal. My issue with styling is my relaxed ends. It’s getting more difficult to blend the two textures.  Styles tend to work better if my hair is fully stretched. I get the best stretch with a little heat. I’ve been off heat for a while so I need to find styling options that can work without it. Any suggestions?


What hairstyles were you excited to try when you went natural?

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