My Attempt at a Flat Twist-out


Naturals in the City 16 was last Saturday and I wanted to try a new style. Normally, I got to Pinterest, Instagram, or YouTube for style inspirations. I saw many beautiful flat twist-outs so obviously, I wanted to try my hand at one.

I did the flat twists on freshly washed and deep conditioned hair. I didn’t want my hair to revert or frizz up so I used a serum and Eco Styler gel. This was a decision I would later regret. I put 8 flat twists in (4 in the front and 4 in the back) and I curled the ends with a perm rod.

Front of my flat twists


Back of my flat twist install

The twists were left to air dry overnight. I was a bit worried that my new growth wouldn’t dry in time. Thankfully, it did. I took down the twists the next day and my hair felt really crunchy. I may have overdone it with the Eco Styler gel.

Hood Documentary R.S. "Overdoing it"


My hair also dried in a funny shape. It looked like a diamond. I believe I got these results because of the way I angled my twists. I didn’t like how it turned out.

Initial results of flat twist out

I ended up pinning my hair back and rocking it like that. My idea to reduce frizz worked a little too well because my hair did not soften at all. It was fixed in position. On Sunday, I moisturized my hair and braided it. I hoped that this would help with my moisture levels but it didn’t. I ended up washing my hair to get rid of the gel. As I’m writing this, my hair is in braids for a braid out.

Flat Twist Out Final Results

Lessons learned

  • Don’t use too much Eco Styler gel. It forms a hard gel cast that dries out my hair.
  • Use smaller sections for more defined curls
  • Incorporate more moisture during the process (deep conditioner, leave-ins, etc.)
  • Try a different styling product for hold. At NITC16, I bought Natural Nigerian’s Twist and Curl Pudding. Hopefully, it will work out well for me. I’m trying it for my braid-out.

Like my mini twists, I feel this style will work better when my hair is fully natural. This is yet another reason why I’m looking forward to ending my transition. All in due time. 🙂

How do you get your best twist-out results?