Blassion presented by Nedoux | Event Recap

When I read about the Blassion event on Nedu’s site, I thought it would look like fun but I almost talked myself out of it. I normally just go to hair events. This event seemed like a good opportunity to step out of my usual comfort zone and network a bit.

Blassion Flyer

That day the heavens decided to crack open and rain all morning. 🙁 I was hoping that it would stop but it didn’t. I could envision my perm rod up-do disintegrating. That was another excuse not to attend but I pushed through. I’m really glad that I did.

Nedu at Blassion

Nedu dropping pearls of wisdom

Nedu and Tosin shared some key lessons from their blogging experiences. Some of the lessons included: knowing who you are writing for, finding your personal writing style, and having a support system. We also discussed the importance of consistency, dealing with negative comments, and building a community. We even shared blogging tips and tools like Canva, guest posting, and interacting with other bloggers via comments.

Tosin and Nedu at Blassion

The key lesson I took from it is to ‘Do It Afraid’. There are some things I want to try and share but fear is really holding me back. I think my fear has to do with failing but I could also be really great. I was really motivated after the event. In fact, I wasn’t even planning to write about the event. I also started getting used to using my camera. At events, I’m usually pretty shy and I don’t take too many pictures. The photographer also gave me some tips about my camera and editing software.

Blassion Attendees
Blassion Attendees

Nedu shared how she approached people to help sponsor the event. She went in with the mindset that the worst thing that could happen is the person would say no. At the end of the day, everyone she approached said yes.

Ogo at Blassion

We were challenged to think of one thing that is holding us back in terms of blogging and how the event can help us move forward. The one thing that came to mind was sharing more about myself. There was a time that I didn’t show my face AT ALL on this site. I used the excuse of not wanting my colleagues to see it. Something Tosin shared really hit home with me. She mentioned that she is very strategic about what she shares and that she protects her family and loved ones from her online business. It made me realize that sharing yourself online does not need to be an all or nothing affair.

We rounded up the event with a trivia game. We had an opportunity to win various prizes from the sponsors. Some of us had a bit of a competitive spirit. 🙂 I won some prizes based on my knowledge of old movies and bedsheets. 🙂

Some Prize Winners at Blassion

I’m really glad that I attended ‘Blassion’ and that I got to meet some great people. You can check out some of the other attendees’ blogs below:

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Afrolems GizDodo at Blassion

This was my first time trying gizdodo (courtesy of Afrolems). Why didn’t anyone tell me???

Blassion Event - Nedu and Uju
Blassion Event - Ife and Ada
Blassion Group Shot
Blassion Event
Nedu and Me at Blassion

Chinedu is a very encouraging person. I think that spirit led her to organize this event. If you check some blogs, you can always see her in the comments. One of her sponsors, Omo Alata, mentioned how Nedu encouraged her to enter the She Leads Africa business plan competition. She eventually won the competition. I’m grateful to Nedu and the other attendees. Thanks for a wonderful time.

Group shot at Blassion

What are some ways that you step outside of your comfort zone?