My Favorite WordPress Plugins

Blogging can be fun and challenging. There are many plugins, add-ons, and apps that help make blogging a little easier for me. Here are a few.  I’m focusing on WordPress plugins because that’s the platform I am most familiar with. Thanks to Lungi for inspiring this post.

My Favorite WordPress Plugins


Grammarly helps me look like I have some understanding of the English language. 🙂 It’s easy to sign up and it can be integrated with your browser, Microsoft Word, and other text editing software.


This plugin was developed by the WordPress team and incorporates many aspects of the dashboard. There is quite a difference between self-hosted WordPress sites and sites. My favorite parts of the plugin are the site stats, downtime reporting, and protection against brute force attacks.

Updraft Plus

This week, I had some major behind the scenes issues. That’s the major reason why my posts are late this week. 🙁 The short version of the story is that my site reverted to the version it was on Aug 1. 😯 Two posts were completely gone. Thankfully, I had a backup of my site from Updraft Plus. It allows you to keep local and remote backups of your site. You can use Dropbox, Google Drive, and many other cloud storage services.

All in one SEO Pack

Most of the traffic that comes to my site (66% this year) is from search engines and I have this plugin to thank. Using this, along with some minor tweaks with my post titles and keywords, has my SEO popping! More people are able to find useful content on my site. 🙂


I heard about this plugin from Mattie James of Mattieologie, who is essentially a genius when it comes to these things.. CoSchedule is an editorial calendar and social media scheduler. I don’t think I’m using all the features. You can schedule social media posts and blog posts months in advance. You can even assign tasks to team members if you have them. It can even analyze your post titles for maximum effectiveness. I think it really helps me organize my posts and social media  This is a paid plugin but they offer a free trial. There are free plugins/sites that have some of the features of Co-schedule like Buffer and Editorial Calendar.

What are some apps and plugins that make blogging easier for you?