Hair Care on a Budget: How you can save some coins

I’m not sure how the economy is in your hometown. Here in Nigeria, we are headed towards a recession. We may already be there. Most people are feeling a pinch in their pockets.  As this is a hair blog, I want to share some tips to handle your hair care on a budget.



Doing it yourself can be a great way to save money. You can add one or a few ingredients to help boost the effectiveness of your currents products. Not enough slip, add some oil to your conditioner. You can also use products in your home to help cleanse and conditioner your hair. There are tons of resources to make just about everything that you need for your hair journey. I’ve even seen a recipe for an okra shampoo. (I may have to pass on that one.) Sandra of Naija Girl Next Door and Ebun of Sizzelle & African Naturalistas are a few of the people I know that make their own products.

More Bang for Your Buck

When you are buying hair products, consider how many uses you will get from it. One of my favorite moisturizing deep conditioners I get about 8 uses from it. The price is currently NGN 5,800. 😯  That’s about NGN 725 per use. No Bueno. There are other deep conditioners that soften my hair, e.g. Crème of Nature Intensive Conditioning Treatment, which is currently NGN 2,900. I usually get 12 – 15 uses from the bottle. That’s about NGN 193.33 per use which is a better deal. Try looking for products that give you similar effects and you get more uses from.



Buy local

With the various importation bans and FX challenges, the cost of imported products is going through the roof. For example, when I first started using HairVeda Sitrinillah is was NGN 3,400. Currently, it’s NGN 5,800. 😥 In Nigeria, we have access to a wide array of oils, butters and herbs that can be beneficial to your hair journey. For example, coconut oil, palm kernel oil, henna, and shea butter are readily available in markets throughout the country. Many Nigerian brands are making products to meet our hair needs. We have many options. If you want to know some of them, you can download my Nigerian Made Hair Product Guide. You can also see my ‘Made in Naija’ product reviews.

Keep it Simple

You do not need to buy everything under the sun for your hair. Try to stick the basics: cleanse, condition, moisturize, strengthen (if needed). If you have products that meet these basics, no need to go out and buy more. You may already have decent products in your arsenal.

What are some ways you save money on your hair care?