Transitioning Files: 14+ Months Post Relaxer

Transitioning Files 14 Months

My transition to natural has taken a turn. *cue ominous music* During my blog hiatus, I went to two salons: O’Naturals for this up-do and Tasala HQ for a silk press and trim. (Sorry but there aren’t any pics of the silk press.)


The appointments were about a month apart and heat was used both times. When I got the silk press, the stylist used the Beautiful Textures – Texture Manageability System (TMS) and 3 silicone based heat protectants. The stylist did 2 – 3 passes with the flat iron, which is what I normally do. My hair looked cute. 🙂 By the next day, my hair started reverting so I thought I was in the clear. I was concerned about heat damage but I was also ready to face the consequences. At the time, I couldn’t dedicate a full day to straightening my hair. I also wanted a professional trim to get rid of my janky ends.


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My haircut was not this dramatic. 🙂

I left my hair straight for about 10 days. When I washed it, my hair felt really different. It seemed like the curls/kinks elongated and my hair felt smoother (less frizzy). It seemed like a lost cause but then I remembered that the stylist used the TMS system.

After the 1st wash

After the 1st wash

I went to check online to see if other people had a similar issue. A few bloggers said their hair reverted immediately and others said they had a permanent texture change. However, The Mane Objective and Mo Knows Hair mentioned that it may take some time to remove the product from your hair. According to the instructions, it requires several washes with a sulfate-based clarifying shampoo to remove the product. I washed my hair a few times with my clarifying shampoo (ORS Creamy Aloe Shampoo) and it seems most of my hair has reverted back. There are some sections that I don’t think will come back. I think it’s about 85-90% back.  I want to state that I do not blame either salon at all. I knew what I was getting myself into. I thought I would be more upset about it. However, considering my hair was falling out from the root not too long ago, I can deal with a little texture change.

What’s Next??

I plan to keep growing my hair for now. If I start having issues with multiple textures, then off we go. Currently, I have a few inches (~4) of relaxed hair left. The bulk of my hair is natural and it is much easier to deal with after the trim and all. It doesn’t tangle as much anymore. My regimen is pretty simple. I wash my hair each week with shampoo, deep condition or just condition it. Then, I apply my leave-ins, seal it with an oil, and braid my hair back. I may take it down once a week to moisturize it. I want to be super simple with my hair routine since I was doing a bit too much before. That means no more playing with heat or excessive styling.

This transition to natural certainly has its ups and downs. I’ve learned quite a bit about my hair in the process. There is a bit more than 3 months left. I believe I can make it to the end of it all.

Have you ever dealt with heat damage?

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