My 7 Top Rollersetting Hacks

Roller setting can look intimidating but you can do it. If you have been following this blog for any length of time, you know I love a good roller set.  Roller sets can give you really cute styles. Getting a great set can take a bit of practice. Here are my tips for a great roller set.


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Follow these tips so no one can say this about your  roller set.

(1) Roll using wet hair

Your hair has to have some moisture in order for your set to form properly. There’s a scientific reason why. Normally, I use water to set my hair. My hair is drenched with water before I put on the roller. Since my hair has high porosity, it tends to dry quickly. If your hair has low porosity, try this with damp hair.

(2) Use minimal products

Reduce the amount of products you used. This keeps hair light and it will have movement. Plus, it will dry quickly Be mindful of using humectant-heavy products because they will draw moisture to your hair and ruin the set. Usually, I set my hair with just water. If I want the hold, I will use a setting foam.

(3) Use the correct rollers for your hair length

Depending on which type of rollers you use. With most rollers, they should wrap around your hair at least three times. This will give the roller enough tension for a smooth set.


(4) Don’t add too much hair to the roller

It’s best to use small sections for your roller set. If you add too much hair to the roller, the set will not be smooth and it won’t dry properly. I made this mistake when I first used curlformers and perm rods. Now, I use smaller sections and I’ve been getting better results.


(5) Use paper towels on the rollers for better grip

I got this tip from Sista with Real Hair on YouTube. (I miss her. 🙁 I hope she starts making videos again. ) Putting the paper towel helps to grip the hair so that it lies smoothly on the roller. This tip is especially useful for natural hair. When my hair was fully relaxed, I didn’t have too many issues with this.


(6) Pull taut (not tight) for a smooth set.

Your hair needs to be pulled taut on the roller for the smoothest set. If it is too loose, your natural texture may show. If it is too tight, you may do damage to your scalp and/or hair.

(7) Make sure your hair is completely dry before removing the rollers

This is super important. If your hair is not dry, it will start to frizz up. All that time and hard work you put into setting your hair will be wasted. Normally, I dry my hair a bit with a hooded dryer and then I leave it overnight to completely dry. My hair has pretty high porosity so it tends to dry quickly. If your hair has lower porosity, you may want to use less product and don’t have your hair soaking wet when you set it.

Bonus Tip – Practice Make Perfect

Keep trying until you get the basic technique down. I’ve been roller setting my hair longer than I care to remember. 😐 For me, I never get a style to work great the first time. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll have great looking roller sets every time.

What tips do you use for a great roller set?