Transitioning Files: 11 Months Post Relaxer

Transitioning Files 11 months

11 months down … 7 to go.

Transitioning is by no means simple or easy. Having my mind set on a target really helps in focusing on the end game. I have never stretched my relaxer this long. The first time I went natural, I “stretched” my relaxer for about 2 months. After all that fustration, I went a salon and cut off all my hair. I did not want to pass through that again. My hair was okay this month. I pretty much stuck to braid-outs because it blends my two textures so well. I tried a flat-twist and curl for Naturals in the City 14 which turned out okay (not great). I do want to explore other styling options. Any suggestions?

Bye, hair loss!


My bald spot is essentially filled in 🙂 All that’s left is for the hair to grow. I’m still following my hair loss plan but I made a few tweaks. I don’t use the Nizoral cream anymore. It was combining with my moisturizer and leaving a funny smell. I still use the shampoo. I also started exercising this month. My knees are not really appreciating the workouts at the moment. 😐 Hopefully, all of these steps will help the health of my hair.

Breakage be gone


My hair has been breaking quite a bit. I realized that I didn’t do a protein treatment. My hair, especially the relaxed part, needs protein often. If my regimen gets too moisture-heavy, my hair will just go limp. Even my new growth does not curl up well.  It’s not like I haven’t experienced this before…

This is a major wake-up call to be diligent with the protein. I plan to use my Aphogee Keratin & Green Tea Restructurizer each wash day.

What am I going to do at 12 months??

Later this month, I’ll be at one year post relaxer. In honor of this momentous occasion, I plan to get a trim/haircut (not a big chop) and possible silk press. I’m leaning towards going to Dupe at TasalaHQ. The salon’s Instagram account is FIRE. She and her team seem to know what they are doing. So, I think I’ll be safe in their hands. I haven’t been to a salon in almost 2 years. 😯

What would you do to celebrate one year post relaxer?