My Alopecia – Three Month Update

Alopecia can be devastating and embarrassing. Unfortunately, I suffered from significant hair loss late last year. In January, I developed a plan to tackle it which was based on the medical information I received. How am I doing three months later? Let’s find out, shall we?

Alopecia 3 months

(1) Take supplements consistently

Since my diet was poor, I had signs of malnutrition. My supplements of choice are Manetabolism Plus and Feroglobin B12. I was pretty consistent with both of them in the past few months and I am still taking them. Fish oil supplements have also joined the fold.

(2) Improve diet

My diet has improved so much. I’m currently eating about 3 times a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner). When I started this, I had so much more strength and energy. Smoothies are part of this too. I won’t lie to you; these are hard to drink. I tend to drink it like medicine. My diet is more balanced and it seems to be working.

(3) Maintain water intake

I’m still keeping to 2 – 3 liters of water each day. I haven’t gotten to Gabrielle Union’s level of a gallon a day. One step at a time. Writing this is an excellent reminder to drink up.

(4) Exercise at least three times per week

My exercise routine was still laughable the first two months of this plan. In March, I started taking my exercise more seriously. I play tennis on the weekends and I try to run during the week. I use my local gym for running and I still don’t like the treadmill. As they say, no pain, no gain.

(5) Using ketoconazole-based products

In January and February, I was pretty consistent with the Nizoral shampoo. I used the cream too but it caused me hair to have a funny smell. I stopped using the shampoo in March and I haven’t noticed any difference. Therefore, I don’t think ketoconazole was helping too much.

(6) Focus on my hair regimen

I’ve been pretty consistent with my regimen. There are a few points where I’m lacking (micro trimming/dusting and protein treatment). Later this month, I plan to have my hair straightened and trimmed. Got to get rid of those sad, sad ends. I’ve also started incorporating protein treatments every other wash. It seemed to help improve my hair elasticity.

(7) Manage my stress; Worry less

My stressful situations are still present but I think I’m handling them better. Part of the reason you haven’t seen a post in almost 2 weeks is that I was handling things behind the scenes. I definitely try to sleep more but it is a bit difficult.

(8) Don’t Touch the Hair

I still touch my hair a bit. I have almost a year’s worth or new growth and it’s fun to touch. This area still needs work.

(9) Be patient

I truly understand that hair growth takes TIME. It took years to get to this point and it will take some time to recover.


Overall, I would give myself a 70 -75%. My hair has definitely improved and my bald patch is filled in. 🙂 My hair texture has even changed. The strands feel thicker and stronger. It doesn’t feel as brittle or fragile. Whitney of Naptural85 recently shared how her health issues affected her hair. One of the things she noted was a change in texture.

Our hair and nails are usually the last places to receive nutrients. If you are having issues with your hair, you may have an internal issue. I was doing all the “healthy hair steps” and I was still having issues. I’m so glad that my hair and health have improved. Look out for another update in another three months.

Are you experiencing hair loss? How did you handle it?

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