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This week is all about Deep Conditioning Hacks. According to Urban Dictionary, a lifehack is “a tool or technique that makes some aspect of one’s life easier or more efficient.” (Gotta be up on the lingo.) I have three things that help me get the best deep conditioning results.


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Using heat is a fantastic way to get the most out of your deep conditioner. Heat helps the conditioner stick and stay on the hair better. Since I started my hair journey, I normally use heat each time I deep condition my hair. The three ways I use heat are with my steamer, my heating cap, and body heat. With our epileptic power situation in Nigeria, I can’t always use my steamer or my heating cap. For times like this, it’s body heat to the rescue. According to JC’s (of  The Natural Haven) article, deep conditioners tend to work best at 35°C which is close to body temperature. To get the most from it, I use cling film and wrap my head with a towel. I find that it traps the heat in much better than a normal processing cap.




Adding the right oils can make a good conditioner great. I find that oils boost the effects of my deep conditioners. Another way I use oils is after I rinse out the deep conditioner. This helps to seal in the moisture and it lasts for a few days. My favorite oils to add to my deep conditioner are castor and olive oil. For oil rinses, I use a mixture of olive and coconut oils.


Cold Water Rinses

This last hack feels awful but it works great. It involves pouring COLD water on my head. I mean, in the freezer cold. The cold water shocks my cuticles closed. I noticed since I started using cold water that my hair stays moisturized. Audrey Davis-Sivasothy has a great video that explains how water temperature affects moisture retention.

What are your favorite deep conditioning hacks?