Manetabolism Plus 3 Month Challenge: Month Three Update


I’m done with the challenge! Three bottles of Manetabolism Plus done and dusted. The entire challenge went very well.  Yet again, there were no major issues.

I am still tracking the five aspects of my hair during the challenge: (1) hair growth, (2) hair shedding, (3) filling in thin areas/bald spot, (4) improvement of my hairline, and (5) changes to my skin.

Hair Growth

My new growth is still has a new texture. The strands feel thicker overall and I’m glad the quality of my hair has improved.

 Dec. 19, 2015 (Start)Jan. 20, 2016Feb. 25, 2016Mar. 20, 2016Month to Month ChangeOverall Change
Front6.25 in7 in7.25 in8.5 in+0.75 in+2.25 in
Right11.25 in11 in11.25 in11 in-0.25 in-0.25 in
Left11 in10.5 in10.5 in11.5 in1 in+0.5 in
Crown~10 in~9.5 in~10.5 in~10.75 in+0.25 in+0.75 in
Back 9 in9 in9.25 in10 in+0.75 in+1 in

There is some length retention in the front. I still have breakage. 🙁 Sad times. I plan to get a trim soon. I need at least 2 inches off. My ends are in a sorry state.  I have some theories about why this is happening which I will address in another post.

Hair Shedding

My hair sheds quite a bit. It seems like each time I touch my hair, I see hair in my hand. This month, I was able to pictures of my wash day detangling sessions. During the February wash day, I used a Denman brush which is why I think there is more hair. I think my hair is shedding so much because (1) I naturally shed a lot of hair and (2) my scalp and follicles are recovering from my poor diet and stress. Hopefully, after everything is normalized, my shedding will slow down.


Filling in thin areas and bald spot

My hair in this area keeps improving. I’m so glad. The spot is essentially covered. Turn up! 😀


Improvement of my hairline

My hairline is pretty much the same as last month. There is slight growth but my major problem is single strand knots. I keep cutting them off which isn’t great for retention. I need to do research on how to calm it down. Do you  have any suggestions on dealing with SSKs?

Changes to my skin

My skin is still holding up quite well. There were no excessive or abnormal breakouts.

The results of this challenge were encouraging. I am very happy that I tried these vitamins. I recently purchased a 6 month supply to continue the good work. However, I don’t think the vitamins were the only reason my hair improved. The changes in my diet and lifestyle also contributed to my growth. I’m very glad that I was consistent with the regimen and it reflected in my hair growth.

What’s your experience with hair vitamins?

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