Manetabolism 3 Month Challenge: Month Two Update

Two bottles down!! I finished the second bottle of Manetabolism Plus. This post is a bit late. Sorry. 🙁 It went just as well as the first month. There were no major issues. I still take the pills twice each day (one in the morning and one in the evening).

Just like last month’s update, I am tracking the five aspects of my hair during the challenge: (1) hair growth, (2) hair shedding, (3) filling in thin areas/bald spot, (4) improvement of my hairline, (5) changes to my skin

Hair Growth

There has been a bit I noticed that my new growth is coming in a bit thicker this month. I took pictures of some of the measurements but my camera battery died during the process. I also took them a bit late because traveled and I didn’t have my things with me. I won’t slack next time.

 Dec. 19, 2015 (Start)Jan. 20, 2016Feb. 25, 2016Month to Month ChangeOverall Change
Front6.25 in7 in7.25 in+0.25 in+1 in
Right11.25 in11 in11.25 in+0.25 inno change
Left11 in10.5 in10.5 inno change-0.5 in
Crown~10 in~9.5 in~10.5 in+1 in+0.5 in
Back 9 in9 in9.25 in+0.25 in+0.25 in

There is some length retention. Yay! However, I’m still noticing some breakage.  Looking at my yearly length check, it seems like my average growth rate is about 0.25 inches per month. My growth rate hasn’t really changed. However, the quality of hair has improved.

Hair shedding

My hair shedding is pretty much the same. Like last month, I washed my hair every 10 – 14 days. I slacked on the pictures this time but there wasn’t a real difference.

Filling in thin areas and bald spot

My hair is still filling in the bald area. This is the most encouraging news. I really thought all hope was lost.


Improvement of my hairline

My hairline looks slightly fuller but nothing too drastic. The hair is still quite fine but it seems to be growing longer and I’m retaining length. The hair feels weak so I have to be very careful.

Changes to my skin

My skin is still holding up quite well. I haven’t had any excessive or abnormal breakouts. 😀

The results are still encouraging. I’m looking forward to next month’s results.

Do you use hair vitamins? What is your favorite brand of vitamins?

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