Made In Naija: Namaste Organics Exfoliating 100% African Black Soap Body Wash with Lemon Oil – Product Review

Namaste Organics Review

Next up in the Black Soap series is Namaste Organics Exfoliating Black Soap. I first got this soap last December and using this soap inspired me to start this series.  

Price: 1,000 to 5,000 Naira

Size: 100g – 900 g. I bought the 100 g and 400 g sizes



Availability: I bought my first container at Naturals in the City 13 and the second one from Olori.  You can buy this on the Namaste Organics website and they deliver throughout Nigeria. Namaste Organics’ products are also stocked in several brick-and-mortar shops in Lagos.

Product Description


Daily exfoliation, revitalizing and natural brightening

African black soap has been used for centuries to cleanse the skin and hair as well as treat all skin and scalp ailments, it is revered for its mildness and cleansing properties that it is suitable for babies and people with sensitive skin. Its is full of natural conditioning oils, like palm kernel oil and coconut oil that leave the skin refreshed, detoxified, clean and fresh without drying the skin. It is also revered for its anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. The lemon oil cleanses the skin, evens out your skin tone making it supple and smooth. It also brightens, hydrates, exfoliates, and cleanses pores and tones naturally. [From Namaste Organics Website]

Ingredients: Aqua, Cocos nucifera (coconut oil), Baphia Nitida (camwood bark), Bentonite Clay, Citrus Limon (Lemon oil), Elaeis guineensis (Palm kernel oil), Coco pod Ash, Plantain peel ash and Citric acid.


Fragrance: The soap smells like a combination of smoke, lemon, and black soap base. I wish I could describe how raw black soap smells but I can’t find the words. The smokiness likely comes from the different ashes. The fragrance was a bit different in the smaller container. The lemon scent was stronger and there wasn’t much of a smoky odor. The fragrance does not linger after use.

Texture and Color: The soap is medium brown and quite viscous. It is thicker than honey. There are some small dark particles in it, which I think are part of the black soap base.


Packaging: Most of Namaste Organics soaps come in a tub with a screw cover. The container  is clear so you can see the soap. I like the container because you can get all the soap out. The label has a nice green color and clean lettering with the Namaste Organics logo.


Uses: I use this soap on my body and face. It foams very well so a little goes a long way. It is not as drying as Dudu Osun but it still gets my face and skin very smooth. I didn’t try it in my hair because I don’t really like using soap for shampoo.  However, you could dilute it with water and use it as a cleanser.

My Take: This elevated my black soap game. When I got this soap, I just wanted to see if it would be different than Dudu Osun.

My #NITC13 haul. ? There's moringa tea from @mynubianroots. I've never tried moringa. I missed when it was all the rage. I also got black soap body wash from @namasteorganics. I've been a dudu osun gal for a while but this may be a nice change. They also included aloe vera gel and dry face polish. The headbands are from @thekinkandi. There was a cute card with a lovely quote inside. The papaya came from @sisimiblog farm. I hope it tastes like the ones in my parents' yard. I also got some BOMB ? jollof rice from @kitchenbutterfly. I usually don't like smoky party rice but this one had so much flavor. There was also a groundnut and beef sauce. ? I didn’t carry last this time. Were you there? What did you get?

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I couldn’t use the soap at first because I had some skin irritation on my body. The lemon oil and citric acid made the raw skin burn. Once the irritation started healing, I had a bit of rough skin on my legs. I started using this soap and within a month, my legs were shining bright like a diamond. My skin was so smooth. I was a bit worried to use it on my face because it wasn’t mentioned on the label. However, when I tried it, my skin texture got even smoother. I found that I didn’t need to use my Clarisonic as often. The soap removes the oil but it doesn’t feel dry. I was concerned that the oils may activate my acne. Thankfully, that did not happen. This soap gets a thumbs up from me.

Would I purchase again? Yes. The results I got from this soap were pretty amazing.

Is black soap a part of your skin care or hair routine? Have you tried this soap?


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