Weekly Blog Round Up [67]

Blog Round Up

Sometimes we take things a little too far in this hair care game. Ijeoma (Klassy Kinks) is concerned about a shortage of okra in the name of hair gel. Okra soup isn’t my favorite but I see her concern. I’m not the biggest fan of using food in my hair so she has no worries from me. Would you try okra hair gel?

Naturals Need to Quit Okra Hair Gel Before It Becomes a Thing (From a Concerned Nigerian) [Klassy Kinks]

L’Oréal is stepping up their game by developing wearable technology. The pieces will help determine how much sun exposure you really have and will help remind you to wear sunscreen. Better living through technology.

L’Oréal’s Latest Beauty Secret: It’s Acting Like A Tech Company [Fast Company]

AB and Mee Mee (The Kink and I) are doing a great blogging series. The most recent post was on photography and I learned quite a bit. If you’re new to blogging or an old head in the game, it’s worth checking out.

No DSLR? How To Create Great Images For Your Blog [The Kink and I]

Show of hands. Who uses Snapchat? I check out some snaps from time to time. I really love Jackie Aina’s snaps. I followed DJ Khaled for about an hour and had to unfollow him. His snaps were too much. I have never posted a snap story. 🙁 I need to change that soon. Martin over at The Next Web has unlocked the ‘key’ to Snapchat and he finds it pretty fun.

Snapchat seemed pointless, but suddenly I love it and it all makes sense [The Next Web]

That’s all for this week. I hope you like the articles.