Transitioning Files: 10 Months Post Relaxer

In case you forgot (sometimes I do), I am transitioning to natural. Today my hair is exactly 10 months post relaxer. That’s 7344 hours or 306 days or 83.84% of a common year. Thanks,

My plan is to transition for 18 months so I’m more than halfway there. Simplicity is the order of the day. If you check out my recently updated regimen, I’ve reduced the frequency of my wash days. I’m not sure if it’s a good or bad thing. Lately, washing my hair has been a chore. I have to find a time to do it when I’m not very tired. Otherwise, it won’t be good. I usually do my hair at night so there may be a flaw in that.

My hair is faring pretty well. Leaving it alone has really helped. Plus, my hair loss plan seems to be working. My bald section is really filling in. 😀 I haven’t kept on top of everything. *cough* exercise *cough* My hair texture is starting to feel different, especially the section closest to my scalp. The strands feel a little coarser. The change in texture got me thinking about how diet affects hair growth. I read so many articles about the connection but I never applied it. The last time I was very conscious about my diet was almost 4 years ago. It was around the time I started taking better care of my hair. My hair was growing pretty well. Soon after that, I started my NYSC and things went downhill from there. Thankfully, I’m aware of it now.

Transitioning Hair at 10 months post

My very first GIF! I was inspired by Jen of JustGrowAlready who recently did one.

Braid-outs are what get me through the months. However, I’m getting pretty bored with them.  A haircut is in my future. I want to change things up. Since my hair isn’t strong enough for braids or weave, my options are coloring or a haircut.

Braid out Texture 9 Months Post Relaxer

I don’t want to ‘big chop’ just yet. I haven’t settled on a style or where to go. Do you have any recommendations? I’m pretty nervous to go the salon. It’s been about 2 years since I last sat in a stylist chair. Do you like going to the salon? If I cut my hair, it will likely be in April when I’m done with the Manetabolism Challenge.

Are you transitioning to natural? How is it going?