Announcing My Nigerian Black Soap Adventure

Do you use black soap? I started using to help with my acne several years ago. My skin improved and I haven’t looked back. Black soap has so many benefits, including:

  • antibacterial and antifungal action,
  • deep cleansing action,
  • healing troubled and irritated skin
  • and exfoliation.

Black soap can be used from head to toe. Like Nappily Nigerian Girl says, black soap is our castile soap.

Since black soap worked so well for me over the years, I wanted to try some other brands and share my experience with you. I bought a few soaps to try.

BrandSizeCost Unit price
African Naturalistas Raw Black Soap500 gN1500N3 per g
Aweni Organics Liquid African Black Soap (Unscented)250 mlN3500N14 per ml
Dudu Osun - Tropical Naturals150 gN150N1 per g
Namaste Organics Exfoliating 100% African Black Soap Body Wash with Lemon Oil400 gN2700N6.75 per g
Natural Nigerian Black Soap with Ginger & Peppermint~200g
N1500N7.5 per g
Nubian Roots African Black Soap Body Wash Coconut Vanilla 240 mlN2000N8.33 per ml
Sahara Sunrise Black Soap gel for the Face & Body (Scented)4 oz. N1050N8.88 per ml

Note: The Natural Nigerian soap did not have the mass or volume listed on the label.

Dudu Osun wins the price war with the lowest unit price. The unit prices do not include shipping. I purchased most of the soaps from Olori. Trying to save on shipping costs. The African Naturalistas soap came from Konga and I got the Dudu Osun from a local shop.

I also want to get R and R Luxury Liquid Black Soap and Fig Pure Black Soap. However, I was not able to get them online by the time started preparing for this series. So, I have to pick them up later. I also saw Neni Naturals Black Soap powder on Konga. From what I read about it, the soap needs to be mixed before use. The DIY life isn’t for me so I don’t see myself doing an extra step for soap. I’ll leave the mixing to the professionals. 🙂

For each review, I will use the soap for at least three weeks on my body and face (if it doesn’t become irritated). The first review is will be dedicated to the one that started it all, Dudu Osun.

One observation I’ve made is that all the soaps are pretty soft or in liquid form except Dudu Osun. The Ghanaian black soap that I’ve seen usually comes in a block or bar. In Natural Nigerian’s post about black soap, she mentioned that within Nigeria that we have different types of black soap recipes. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out the formulations or methods have some differences.

I’m excited to try these soaps and share my thoughts with you. If you know of any other brands, please let me know.

What is your favorite type of black soap?