Weekly Blog Round Up [65]

Blog Round Up

January 22 was Wilbur Scofield’s 151st birthday. You may be wondering who Wilbur Scofield is. He developed a scale for measuring the ‘heat’ in peppers. Food52 wrote a brief bio about Scofield and his interest in peppers.

Today is Actually the Hottest Day of the Year [Food52]

Bernice Dapaah is a Ghanaian entrepreneur who builds bicycles out of bamboo. The bicycle frames are completely recyclable and she is providing employment for her community. The video shares a bit of Bernice’s story.

If you’ve been on any social media platform in the last few weeks, you would have noticed the ‘Be like’ meme. Personally, I don’t like the meme and it’s pretty annoying. TechCrunch shares some of my views about the meme.

Why The Stick Figure Meme Caught On So Fast And Why We Hate It So Much [TechCrunch]

KLP over at Saving Our Strands came up with an ingenious idea to make a green tea infused oil rinse. It looks so interesting. I may try a version of it on my next wash day.

Green Tea Infused Oil Rinse for Natural Hair [Saving Our Strands

I hope you enjoy the links as much as I did. Have a great weekend.