Start of my Manetabolism Plus 3 Month Challenge

It’s pretty obvious that I care about my hair. Some may say I’m borderline obsessed. Oh well. I heard about Manetabolism when all the hype about hair vitamins were high. It was all over my Instagram timeline. There are many people that shared their reviews about it.

Last year, I started using Perfectil and intended to use it for 6 months. Unfortunately, I didn’t keep it up. 😯 This time, I will document my experience with Manetabolism Plus. Please keep me accountable. 🙂


I bought a 3 month supply of Manetabolism Plus from The Mane Choice Africa. They have length check shirts and some of the Mane Choice hair care products too. I got the vitamins during their Black Friday sale for 4,025 Naira per bottle. This is the cheapest I have seen this vitamin for sale. It usually costs 5750 Naira. Delivery was QUICK. I bought it on a Thursday evening and I received it the next day. The team is very responsive to email. I really appreciate this because many companies don’t bother responding to email.

The Mane Choice Africa Limited

Suite 5, Plot 8, Adebimpe Adewunmi Drive, (beside Lagoon School), off Marwa Bus stop, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos, Nigeria

Phone: 08122350542 or 08187269499


For this challenge, I plan to track

  • Hair growth
  • Hair shedding
  • Filling in of my bald spot and thin areas
  • Improvement to my hairline
  • Changes to my skin

The reason why I want to take hair supplements is that my diet was quite poor. I believe that my diet along with stress is why I started losing my hair. Currently, I have improved my diet. I’m eating more fruits and vegetables when it was essentially non-existent. I’m also eating more often. I had this habit of eating in the morning and at night. Basically, I was running on fumes during the day. For the first week of just eating lunch everyday, I had more strength to do my activities during the day. Before when I would get home, I would need to lie down so that I could have a bit of strength. Next up, getting a workout plan.

I started taking the vitamins on December 20th but I couldn’t blog about it because of the issues with my website and my computer. The issues with my computer are still ongoing but there is some improvement. 🙁

One thing to note is that I’m using Nizoral cream and shampoo on my scalp. I read a few articles about how it may stimulate hair growth in people with androgenic alopecia. More details to come. This may affect my results, particularly in my thinner areas. I had the option of using the vitamins alone but I wanted to hit this issue at all fronts. Fire brigade approach!

Here are my starting length check images and measurements which I took on December 19th.



This is the best image I could get of my bald spot. It was taken on Dec. 16th

This is the best image I could get of my bald spot, which is towards the right side of the image. It was taken on Dec. 16th

Starting measurements

Date: December 19, 2015

  • Right side: 11.25 inches
  • Left side: 11 inches
  • Front: 6.25 inches
  • Crown: ~10 inches (difficult to measure and photograph)
  • Back: 9 inches

My major concerns are that the vitamins may cause skin problems. My skin tends to be sensitive to excess biotin. I’m drinking about 3 liters of water everyday so I think that will flush out most of the water-soluble vitamins. I’m also concerned about excess facial and body hair. I don’t want to be Teen Wolf out in these streets.

My first update will come around the 25th of this month. Wish me luck.

Do you use hair vitamins? Have you noticed any improvement with your hair?