My Wonderful New Toy: 2 in 1 Facial and Hair Steamer

My Wonderful New Toy

If you check my ‘Hair Stats’ on the left, you may have noticed a change. I finally got my hair steamer. 😀 I’ve wanted a steamer for at least a year. It took some time to arrive. I ordered it on Amazon via Mall for Africa in early December. I just got it last week. 😐 There was a delay because the third-party vendor was out of stock and Mall for Africa had to find a replacement. Well now it’s here and I’m excited to share it with you.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the original box. It came with 4 parts: the facial attachment, water cup, the steaming unit and the steaming hood. It was pretty easy to put together.


The steaming hood has 3 vents which can be opened, fully or partially closed. There are 4 buttons on the steaming unit (on/off for steam and ozone).


I used my dispenser water for the unit. The water in my area is a bit hard so I don’t want minerals to build up of the coil so quickly. The unit does not turn on if there is too much or too little water. It makes a loud tone in either case. The water boils pretty quickly. The cup gets very hot so I wish there was a handle on it.


I’ve used it on my hair and my face. It’s pretty easy to switch between the attachments.  It felt nice on my face but I noticed some hot water sputtered a bit. I was surprised by the heat from the steaming hood. My heating cap never gets that warm. I’ll discuss more about it later this week for my wash day post.

I’m pretty excited to see if there will be any improvements with moisture retention and elasticity.

Do you have a steamer? Have you noticed any improvements to your hair?