How I plan to tackle my hair loss

My plan to tackle

As I mentioned before, I am experiencing significant hair loss. 🙁 I recently got my blood test results from the doctor. The results indicate that I have anemia and I think that is part of the reason why I’m losing my hair. Armed with this information and what I learned from the trichologist, I developed a plan to tackle this issue. The plan focuses on the internal and external factors that may be contributing to my hair loss.

(1) Take supplements consistently

Part of my results also indicate some sort of malnutrition. This confirms what I previously thought since my former diet was quite poor. Currently, I’m taking Manetabolism Plus which is a comprehensive supplement. I’ll be updating monthly to note any significant changes. I just started taking Feroglobin-B12 which has essential nutrients for blood cell formation (iron, zinc, vitamins B6 & B12). Hopefully, this will help with the anemia and help further nourish my body. If my body is well nourished, my health will certainly improve and my hair will grow.


(2) Improve diet

Still on the nutrition matter. My diet for the past few years (particularly the last 6-7 months) has been very poor. I usually eat once or twice a day and the foods are not very nutritious nor well balanced. I had a real issue with eating at work. Normally, I don’t like taking breaks to go and eat during the day. I used to feel it would make me lose focus and it would take more time to get back in the ‘work zone’. This was not helping me AT ALL. Normally, I would come back from work exhausted and I would need to lie down for a while. Before the end of 2015, I started making an effort to eat lunch at work. I noticed that I didn’t feel like a train hit me after work. I’ve also started taking green smoothies to increase my fruit and vegetable consumption.

The doctor said I need to eat more vegetables so it's #GreenSmoothie time. Can you guess what's inside? #vscocam

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I’m still looking for healthy options for lunch. I’ve looked into getting a lunch meal plan. My only concern is with the delivery time. Some places deliver quickly (within an hour) while other places take over 3 hours. 😐 I may also start bringing food to the office.

(3) Maintain water intake

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know that I drink about 3 liters of water a day. I like using the Hydro coach app to track my water intake. I started using it in 2014 when I did the 30 days of water challenge. Ideally, I want to get up to 4 liters per day. Drinking water is so beneficial to health. Water is used in just about every process in our bodies. H2O also helps maintain a moisturized and healthy scalp. Healthy scalp  healthy follicles ➡ healthy hair

(4) Exercise at least three times per week

My exercise routine is laughable. For the first part of 2015, I was working with a training 4 times a week and I was getting pretty fit. However, after April, I fell off completely and never got back into my routine. 😥 This year, I want to work out at least three times a week and possibly increase it. I also want to run a 5k. Truppr has 5k runs every month. My only issue is that I would like to train for it outside. My neighborhood is not very runner friendly and I don’t think running on a treadmill will adequately prepare me for that type of run. I think I will start with the treadmill for now and figure out something else later.

(5) Using ketoconazole-based products

In my research about Androgenic Alopecia, I saw some articles about the use of ketoconazole (Nizoral) to help with hair loss. One of the articles showed that using ketoconazole has similar effects as minoxidil (Rogaine/Regaine). (Dermatology 1998;196:474–477) Scientists have speculated that it may be a dihydrotestosterone (DHT) blocker. DHT is an androgen that is the major cause of male and female pattern baldness (androgenic alopecia). Ketoconazole has been shown to have anti-androgenic activity. (J Dermatol Sci. 2007 Jan;45(1):66-8) There is also anecdotal evidence that it helps with hair loss. Currently, I am using Nizoral Cream and Shampoo. I use the cream on my balding areas daily and I use the shampoo as directed when I wash my hair. One thing to note is that Nizoral is not indicated for treating hair loss. It is mainly used to help topical fungal infections like ring worm and athlete’s foot. It is also used to treat dandruff.


(6) Focus on my hair regimen

I’ve noticed that I’ve been slacking a bit on my regimen. I plan to go back to the basics in order to keep the hair that I have. This includes: consistent washing, scalp massages, moisturizing when needed, maintaining my moisture-protein balance, keeping up with my trims, etc.

(7) Manage my stress; Worry less

The last half of 2015 was pretty rough in terms of stress. There were many things going on with work and personal life. I was having trouble sleeping for that time. I tend to put a lot of pressure on myself to work hard. With that pressure, I tend to neglect my health and well-being. It ‘worked’ when I was younger but my body can no longer take this toll. This year, I’m working on managing my stress level. It’s not like the things that were causing my stress have gone away. In fact, I know it will be a bit more intense this year. I have thought of new methods of approach and they seem to be working.

(8) Don’t Touch the Hair

‘Don’t touch the Hair’ needs to become my mantra. I play in my hair too much. When I’m bored or watching TV, I find my hands twirling in my hair. I noticed that I tend to do this when I’m at home. I started wearing my scarf when I get home. Since there is a barrier, I can catch myself when I start touching my hair.

(9) Be patient

It will take some time before I see any tangible results. I need to be patient with myself and my hair. I also don’t want to focus too much on this because it can cause further stress.

I think I have a solid plan to deal with my hair loss at all fronts. I will update this post towards the end of the year when I get my annual check up.

What are some ways that you handle hair loss?