Manetabolism Plus 3-Month Challenge: Month One Update

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Whew! I finished my first bottle of Manetabolism Plus and it went pretty smoothly. There were no major issues. I took the pills twice each day (one in the morning and one in the evening). I usually try to take it with food.

On my previous post about the vitamins, I mentioned that I wanted to track five aspects during the challenge: (1) hair growth, (2) hair shedding, (3) filling in thin areas/bald spot, (4) improvement to my hairline, (5) changes to my skin

Hair Growth

I haven’t noticed any changes in my hair growth. It doesn’t feel any thicker. I also took measurements.

 Dec. 19, 2015 (Start)Jan. 20, 2016Change
Front6.25 in7 in+0.75 in
Right11.25 in11 in-0.25 in
Left11 in10.5 in-0.5 in
Crown~10 in~9.5 in-0.5 in
Back 9 in9 inno change

I took the measurements when my new growth wasn’t stretched. My earlier measurements were after a 3 day old braid-out. I also don’t think I took the measurements properly. 🙁 I did notice some breakage and my hair struggled during the harmattan season. Harmattan that doesn’t want to go. 😐

Hair shedding

My hair shedding is pretty much the same. For most of this month, I shampooed my hair every 10 – 14 days. Each time, I took pictures of my shed hair. As you can see, it hasn’t changed much.


Filling in thin areas and bald spot

I’m happy to report that there seems to be some growth in my bald area. Before, the area felt so smooth similar to the back of my hand. Now, it feels like an area that has been shaved and it is growing back. I can feel a rough texture. I was also able to take a better picture and I found an old picture for comparison. A friend noticed that the area looks fuller. 😀 I was able to find an old picture of the area on my other SD card. Now you can see for yourself.


Improvement of my hairline

My hairline looks slightly fuller but nothing too drastic. The hair is still quite fine but it seems to be growing longer and I’m retaining length.

Changes to my skin

One of my fears about using Manetabolism was having severe acne. I’ve had issues with acne and hair vitamins in the past. I used BioSil for a week when I started my hair journey in 2012. My skin had a terrible reaction. Pimples were all over my face. 😥 Manetabolism has a high amount of biotin so I was worried about a sequel to my skin woes. Fortunately, my skin didn’t react badly at all. Each day, I attempt to drink ~3 liters of water. A few days in December, I missed my target and I saw a pimple on my chin. I cannot say if my water intake correlates with the acne. However, it doesn’t seem to hurt.

All in all, I happy with the results so far. I think the vitamins, along with my other supplements, diet and hair care practices, are helping me get my hair and health back on track. I still need to start working out again. 😐 I’ve already started my second bottle and so far so good.

Do you use hair vitamins? What has your experience been like?