Blogging In Nigeria Tag

About 2 weeks ago, Sisi Yemmie and Tosin Alabi (Africanism Cosmopolitan) did a video tag called “Blogging in Nigeria”.

They tagged all Nigerian bloggers and I decided to do the tag. I wanted to try some of it on Periscope but I get really nervous with video. I barely put my picture on the blog so video is a bit of a leap. Here’s my answers to the questions…


(1) Name of your blog

“Don’t Touch the Hair” I thought the name was funny. Plus, the domain was free at the time.

(2) Why did you start blogging?

I wanted a place to discuss and document my hair journey. I thought that some of my successes and failures could help someone.

(3) Are you a full-time blogger?

No, I work that 9 – 5, just to stay alive.

(4) What you know now that you wish you knew then?

Blogging well is not easy. By blogging well, I mean providing relevant, impactful, and useful content. This takes work and effort. I also learned to reduce perfectionist ways (a bit). Otherwise, you will never see any posts because I’d keep deliberating over them.

(5) Challenges of blogging in Nigeria

Internet plans are EXPENSIVE! They can also be unreliable. Things have improved quite a bit since I first moved back here. Electricity is sporadic at best. Fortunately, I have decent light where I live. Other challenges fall squarely on me. (lack of motivation, fear of starting something new, etc.)

(6) How much was your first paid ad/anything?

I haven’t gotten money for anything but I received products from a brand to review. It was pretty exciting. I was pretty surprised because I didn’t think any brands really checked out my blog.

(7) How is the Nigerian blogosphere?

Everyone that I’ve encountered has been pretty nice and encouraging. There is enough room for everyone to be great.

(8) What’s your family’s response to you blogging knowing the Nigerian culture with stable jobs?

My sister used to have a blog so my family is already used to it. However, she was blogging while she was working too. I don’t think it is something they would want me to do full-time.

(9) Message to Nigerian brands.

Please value what bloggers do. We can offer a perspective on your product or brand and reach an audience you may not have considered. Exposure doesn’t pay for fuel, electricity, and internet. You work hard to make the best products or provide the best service. You expect people to pay for your efforts. We also work to produce interesting content. Likewise, we should be compensated for our work, especially if it is for a brand.

(10) Plans for your blog.

I plan improve my content and make it more relevant to my readers while writing about things I enjoy. I want to improve the site aesthetics and images. I’m planning to get a new camera and I’ve been reading and studying how to take better pictures. Also, I want to determine a non-annoying way to possibly monetize my site. I’m considering starting a tweet chat too.

(11) Perks of blogging in Nigeria.

There is a sense of community. You can usually see fellow bloggers support each others events. You can make friends with people online.

(12) Do you think blogging should be a career path?

Yes, definitely. People in other countries are making careers via their blogs. I think it’s only a matter of time before it happens here.

(13) What do you hope for the future of blogging in Nigeria?

I hope that more people don’t see it as fluff. I want to see more people have sustainable career and be compensated accordingly.

(14) Have you ever been copy righted/stolen from someone?

Yes. It was an image I took of my hair for another blog years ago was used in someone’s YouTube video. I doubt the person reached out to the blog owner to ask for permission. I only knew about it because I subscribe to this person on YouTube.

(15) Do you feel fulfilled blogging?

Yes and no. I am happy and fulfilled when someone says I helped them. I’m not fulfilled because I know that there is so much more I can do with the blog. The only hinderance is me. I have to get it together and do the work.

Like the tag creators, I tag all my fellow Nigerian Bloggers. I look forward to seeing your responses. 🙂


Image Source: Create Her Stock