Weekly Blog Round Up [62]

Blog Round Up

Nigerian poet and writer, Bassey Ikpi shares her experience living with Bipolar II disorder. I found this a very insightful and relatable read. One point that really resonated was when she mentioned how we tend to ‘strong black woman’ ourselves to our own detriment.

Artists and Mental Illness Interview Series: Bassey Ikpi [Nomadic Press]

Dami recently cut her hair and she got a less than favorable response. Her experience (along with others) makes me wonder why people tend to be invested in other people’s hair. (I do understand that’s the premise of my blog. However, when people get hateful or rude, it is truly unnecessary.  Why would one get upset because another person got a haircut? Apart from family (maybe), I think it shouldn’t be as big a deal as it is. It could tie into cultural and historic issues revolving around beauty.

What happens when you big chop in Nigeria [What Dami Did]

Ngee is back with another video and I CRACKED up laughing. She and Bisola are taking a look at some Nigerian dances in a really funny way.

The Ngee Show…the FACE; Nigerian dance through time [The Ngee Show – Youtube]

Do you think you could dress like Cookie Lyon for a week? Jazmine, an editor from the New York Times, tried it and it helped improve her confidence.

I Dressed Like Cookie for a Week to Get Over My Imposter Syndrome [Cosmopolitan]