Wash Day | Fenugreek to the rescue?

Wash Day - Fenugreek


In the essence of trying something new, I used fenugreek powder for the first time during this wash day. It was pretty interesting and not without hiccups. Here’s what happened…

(1) Pre-poo and detangling: I removed my braids and slightly detangled with my seamless comb and sectioned my hair into 4. I mixed 2 spoons (plastic) of fenugreek powder with cool water and a spoon of honey to make a paste.


The mix looked pretty clumpy and I was worried that it wouldn’t come out of my hair. I applied it to my scalp in sections. For my hair, I applied my oil mix (hemp seed + coconut + olive) and Creme of Nature Intensive Conditioning Treatment. I kept the pre-poo on my hair and scalp for 20 minutes without heat.


At this point, I decided not to wash my hair in my normal braids. I had a feeling the fenugreek was going to get stuck in my new growth. I detangled my hair with my comb again to remove shed hair.

(2) Shampoo and coffee rinse: I washed my hair with Creme of Nature Argan Oil shampoo. I used 7 sections to shampoo and it took such a long time. 🙁 I washed twice and used my shower head to make sure the fenugreek was out of my hair. On the plus side, I got to see my new growth and it’s getting pretty long. 🙂  I did a coffee rinse and let it sit for 5 minutes. Then, I rinsed my hair again and dried with my Turbie Twist.

(3) Deep condition: I read that fenugreek can act like a protein so I decided to use a moisturizing conditioner (Hairveda Sitrinillah). I applied it to each section and braided it. I didn’t need any tangles. I kept it on for 40 minutes with heat and rinsed with cool water. I did an ACV rinse as well.


(4) Leave-ins and Styling: I used a t-shirt to dry for ~10 minutes. Then, I applied my African Naturalists Leave-in and sealed with my oil mix. I took down each braid and roller set my hair. I used my hooded dryer on medium heat for an hour and left my hair to dry overnight.


My hair felt quite soft. I think it was a bit too much moisture and I’ve noticed some breakage this week. It’s especially towards my ends. Next wash will be a protein treatment. The fenugreek wasn’t a complete waste. I haven’t noticed any changes with shedding. I think I need to use a few more times before I can say anything. I also need to work out my mixture. I may use warm water and oil next time. I may also allow the fenugreek to sit for a bit so that it can develop some mucilage. The mucilage may also prevent it from getting stuck in my new growth. Fenugreek has a bit of a maple syrup odor and I could notice it a few days after I used it. Some others have noticed that the scent lingers after use, especially if you ingest it. All in all, this wash day went pretty well.

How was your wash day?

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