Phro Group Growth Challenge 2015 – October Update

It’s November! The Phro Group Challenge is coming to an end. For October, I was on the rested routine again because I used my wig for the most part.


Rested Growth Routine

This routine is for people who would like their hair to rest under a weave, wig, braids or cornrows throughout the year.

Duration: 12 months (check in once a month)
Braids or Weaves?: Change every 6 weeks
Cornrows?: Change every 3 weeks

Products from Phro Group: Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Shea Butter, Aphro Comb

What results should you see?
Less incidence of breakage
Moisturised hair with visible growth

  • Apply Coconut or Castor Oil to scalp and massage for 2 minutes
  • Lightly spray a water based moisturiser onto hair.

Partial Success. I still don’t oil my scalp everyday. I find that my hair gets a bit too greasy if I use castor oil everyday. I moisturize my hair 2 – 3 times a week with braid spray. Once a week I take down each braid and moisturize it with a cream moisturizer. It seems to stay pretty moisturized. 


  • Add diluted shampoo into Aphro Comb. Apply & massage onto scalp for a deep clean
  • Rinse
  • While Damp, spray Leave-In Conditioner
  • Allow to Dry
  • Spray homemade Braid Sheen onto hair / scalp
  • Massage Coconut Oil or Castor Oil onto scalp using Aphro Comb
  • Drench hair with Coconut Oil before undoing
  • Unravel hair using tip of comb or fingers only
  • Finger detangle
  • Use Wide Toothed Comb to detangle section-by-section (start from end to root)
  • When fully detangled, adopt Ninja Routine until the next protective style

Success. I started washing my hair weekly again and my scalp it grateful. 

I started braiding my hair for my wash days and it helped SO much with all the matting I was experiencing. My hair seems thinner to me but I think it was because of my setback with the protein treatment. No length check this time. I want to wait until December. In the meantime, here are some of my hair pics that I took this month.

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If you are interested in this challenge, you can keep up with everyone’s progress with the #GrowthChallenge2015 hashtag on Instagram.

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Are you on any hair growth challenges this year? How is your progress?