Consequences of My Setback – Crown Breakage

Dealing with a setback is awful. However, I’m keeping my head up and pushing forward. The day of my setback, the hair matted up especially at my crown. I never really assessed the damage until a few weeks ago. My crown is uneven and it feels rough to the touch. Sad times. With this extended stretch, my crown needs to be looked after. It’s the most dense and kinkiest part of my hair. It tends to lose moisture quickly and feel very dry. It doesn’t retain moisture well at all. I suspect that the hair is also very porous.


Over at Bonjour Natural, Aicha had a similar issue with breakage at her crown. She suspected that it was due to heat appliances. She developed a plan to tackle the issue. With this information and some other research, I have a plan to handle my own breakage by …

  • continue with monthly trims/dusting.
  • isolate that section when moisturizing and other parts of hair care process pay special attention
  • be very gentle and patient when detangling (part of what got me here in the first place)

My next trim will be a BIG one. I’m going to cut off at least an inch the ends look tattered and see through. There’s no point to holding on. I also want to get a proper haircut. It has been years since I cut my hair into a style. Do you have any stylist recommendations? He or she will have to be able to handle my new growth.

Putting all this in perspective, I plan to transition to natural. 😯 I think having natural hair may be the best thing for me now. My hair is fine especially towards the front and I think the relaxers are tough on my hair. I cannot seem to get it to grow longer. I’ve noticed that my hair is definitely growing as I delay my relaxer. There’s one not so great section at the very front. It’s essentially a bald patch. 😥 Can I live!?!? I think I know why I got this bald spot. 🙁 My crown has also improved with this stretch. I’ve been extra careful with it.

I don’t want to ‘big chop’ my hair. I’ve had short hair before and I wasn’t a fan. If fact, my first foray into the world of naturalistas was challenged to say the least. Maybe, I’ll do a post about it. This go around, I plan to make it a more enjoyable experience. I think the reason I had so much trouble the first time is that I had absolutely no clue what I was doing. Not a single clue. Now, I’m better equipped and I have more information so I feel it will be better all round.

I plan to transition for 18 months . . . which seems like FOREVER! However, I’m 7 months down. 🙂 Apart from the setback, my hair is doing quite well and wash days aren’t a nightmare. I believe that I can do this. I will update you each month.


Have you had a setback? How did you handle it?