Wash Day | Me and my wig

Wash Day Me and Wig

I don’t want to start this post with too many apologies and excuses. I haven’t been around the interwebs and posts have been SCARCE. 🙁 There are more posts coming up. I promise . . . Pray for me.


I’m still rocking my U-part wig. Even though, my leave-out is looking very odd in my eyes. This wash day, I waited three weeks to wash. I think it may have been a bit too long because my scalp was very itchy. Here’s what happened . . .

(1) Pre-poo and Detangling: Before I took down the braids, I coated my hair with olive oil + Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle conditioner. I removed each braid and detangled. I put my hair in to 6 sections (3 on each side) and did a hot oil treatment (HOT). The treatment included lavender Jamaican Black Castor oil, coconut oil, tea tree oil, and peppermint oil for my scalp and hemp seed + coconut oils for my hair. I covered my hair with cling film and used my heating cap for 20 minutes. The 30 days of Hot Oil Treatments is going on now and the goal is to consistently use HOTs for a month. Are you doing the challenge?

HOT challenge banner

(2) Shampoo: Rinsed each section and washed twice with Crème of Nature Argan Oil shampoo.

(3) Deep Conditioning: Towel dried hair for about 5 minutes and applied Hairveda Sitrinillah. I covered my hair with cling film and kept it on for 30 minutes with heat. When I rinsed it out, I tried finger detangling each section. It was difficult because my new growth started to mat up.

(4) Clear Rinse: I decided to do a clear rinse because it usually helps with smoothing the cuticles and reducing tangles. I applied the rinse to each section and left it on for 30 minutes with heat. Rinsed with cool water and towel dried for about 10 minutes.


(5) Leave-ins and Styling: I applied my leave-ins (Giovanni Direct Leave-in and Aphogee Restructurizer + Hemp seed and coconut oils to seal) to each section. I detangled each section with a wide tooth comb and I had to bring out the Mane n’ Tail detangler. It took a while. 🙁 I roller set my hair to help stretch the new growth and dusted my ends. I braided my hair using 5 French braids (I really need to learn how to cornrow.) I applied CHI Silk Infusion to my leave out and flat ironed the roots at (350 °F/177 °C). It didn’t help much; my roots reverted the next day. What temperature do you flat iron at to get lasting results?


This wash day was tough because my hair matted up. It was TERRIBLE. I was pulling out tangles all day. A few days later, Jay of Relaxed Thairapy posted some YouTube videos about washing her hair in braids.

Many others, like Lade of Hairducation and Ms. Kibibi of Kibibi Hair, also use this method. Some of you even commented that I should try this method to help the tangles. Did I listen? Not before, but my ears are open now. I got some small rubber bands the other day so I plan to try it very soon. My major concern is breakage at the ends from the rubber bands. Miss Kibibi mentioned this in one of her videos and she combated it by using fabric bands (similar to the ones you see in braiding hair).

The following week, I washed my wig. I usually just co-wash. This time I wanted to see if I could use curlformers to keep a curl in them. Lesley of Fresh Lengths did a tutorial on how she uses curlformers for her wig.

Here’s what I did…

Before co-wash

Before co-wash

(1) Rinsed the wig with warm water and co-washed with Hairven Conditioner for Extensions.


Wig with conditioner

(2) I let it dry a bit until it was 80% dry. I knew if I tried to install the curlformers on wet hair, it wouldn’t dry.

(3) Sectioned hair into 4 and applied one pump of Crème of Nature Setting Foam to the section I was working on. Then, I put in the curlformers.


(4) After I completed all the sections, I left it overnight to dry.

The curls looked really nice. They didn’t last very long but there is still a bit a wave to the hair. 😀




I’m almost at 5 months post relaxer. I don’t know when (or if) I want to relax my hair again. What I do know is that reducing manipulation is truly helping my hair. My hairline is growing in and I have a few inches of hair where there were only hopes and dreams. My hairline is the major reason why I haven’t relaxed my hair yet. My fear is that it will disappear again (like every other time I relaxed). I want to keep protective styling and I’m growing tired of my wig. I’m planning to get a new wig. Do you have any suggestions? I’m looking at Nazuri Curls or something with a kinky straight texture and no leave out.

How was your wash day? Did you do a Hot Oil treatment?

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