Naturals in the City 12 – Saturday 26 Sept.


The 12th edition of Naturals in the City is just around the corner. The theme is “Debunking Myths” The organizers have stepped it up and included several workshops. There’s something for foodies, folks who love makeup, the kiddies and everyone in between.

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Part of the awesomeness of NITC12 is that you can get your kid's hair done while you enjoy the meet up. We considered the fact that there Saturday is usually the day to get the little one's hair done. Rather than chosen between that and NITC12, you can eat your cake and have it! There will be a hair stylist on hand, ready to hook your little one up with cornrows, twists and whatever creation you want to come up with. All after careful detangling and with a whisper soft touch. So, bring your little one along and enjoy NITC12! #nitclagos #naturalnigerian #nigeria #natural #naturalhair #naturalhairmeetup #naturalcommunity #hair #lagos #children

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The meet-up will be at The Social Place, VI from 1:00 – 6:00 p.m. and the entry fee in 500 Naira. It should be a great deal of fun. Hopefully, you can make it. Everyone is welcome.