What’s in My Bag?

What’s good, everyone? Bee of Glam Lush Hair tagged me in the What’s in My Bag tag quite some time ago. (Sorry. I’m just getting to it now.) Here’s what’s in my bag . . .

  1. My wallet
  2. My phones. I have a Samsung S4 which I primarily use. I also have a “vintage” iPhone 3S which I got about 5 years ago. 😳 It still works but it can’t run any intensive apps.
  3. Pens and a notebook. I usually have to write things down when I have an idea or need to make a list. Opening Evernote on my phone can be a long thing. However,
  4. Handkerchief and tissues.
  5. Nivea Crème. My hands get dry because I try to wash them often.Ashiness isn’t cute. 😀
  6. Mirror
  7. Milani Pressed Powder. I got this to replace my MAC Mineralize Skin Finish powder because I couldn’t find the MAC anywhere. 🙁 It isn’t as nice as the MAC and doesn’t give enough coverage
  8. Lip glosses. I usually have at least 2 glosses in my bag. Like I said before, ashiness isn’t cute.
  9. Hand sanitizer. A great way to stay germ free on the go.
  10. Power bank. My S4 dies all the time, especially since I upgraded my OS. [Not pictured]

There you have it! I nominate the following bloggers to do the tag:

What’s in your bag?